Narwhal and Jelly – Best Friends Still?

Narhwal and Jelly are the best of friends… until Otter comes around. We don’t know if even waffles can save this friendship!

We love the Narwhal series so much but when we heard that Narwhal was getting another bestie, we had to read on.

Jelly becomes incredibly jealous when Otter swims on the scene, but Jelly lets the jealous behavior get the best of him as he tries to find a new best friend to replace Narwhal.

Children will learn so many valuable lessons from this book. They will learn that a “best friend” does not mean a child’s only friend and that its always good to never assume but always just to ask and not make assumptions. Children will always take away the values of forgiveness and that there is work to be done in every friendship.

A Teachable Moment For Your Children

And don’t forget Waffles! Super Waffle and Strawberry Sidekick make an awesome appearance too.

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Parents will love the “punny sayings” throughout the book and children will love the lovable Narwhal and the jealous Jelly the jelly fish.  Author Ben Clanton makes sure that children are kept entertained from beginning to end. If you have an early reader, get them to read aloud with this book. Their imagination will go wild while they are learning how to read!

Why Narwhal’s Otter Friend Will Be Your Child’s Favorite Book

Be sure to make this into a learning experience by teaching your children more about narwhals and jelly fish and keeping our oceans clean.

Don’t forget to check out the whole Narwhal and Jelly series so you can follow their undersea adventures! Cheerful Narhwal will warm your heart and the serious Jelly can definitely make your child laugh.

It is no secret that Narwhal is the happy go lucky narwhal while Jelly can be a no nonsense jellyfish. These two opposite friends love each other and get into another zany adventure that your whole family will love.