Natalie Silverstein Author of Simple Acts – Happy Children

Do you often feel overwhelmed, too busy to read your to-do list let alone add one more thing to your plate? We felt the same way; between raising children, work, business ventures, the struggle of every-day life, we didn’t think we had any time left in our busy schedules.  But when you want to make time you will be amazed at what happens.


Simple Acts: Of kindness, of giving back, of taking a moment to impact someone around you. Honestly “simple” is a misnomer because really acts of kindness can be hugely impactful, even life-changing which makes one believe that they are anything but simple.  Natalie Silverstein, author of Simple Acts:  The Busy Family’s Guide to Giving back, explains in this week’s episode how the beauty and the monumental lie in simplicity.  Grandeious acts of kindness, huge donations to charities, the Bill Gates Foundation– these are wonderful and they can be life-changing to those who are the beneficiaries of these institutions.  But you need not donate large sums of money or head a foundation to make life-changing impacts.  A smile, a kind word, a hand-made craft to the elderly, a toothbrush to the homeless these small things are anything but small.  Listen to this episode and you will fall in love with Natalie just as we did. She is an author, the founder of non-for profit and a person who followed her passion to do good all around her.  Her young husband was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease but even this failed to get her down.  After the shock of the discovery wore off, Natalie founded an organization, The Silverstein Foundation for Parkinson’s, determined to find a cure.  If you listen to Natalie you will be convinced that she will.   Natalie we are rooting for you!  Listen to this episode – it will “simply” change who you are!


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