The NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer

We are so excited about the MiniDryer 26W Portable Electric Clothes Dryer from New Air. This dryer is perfect for families who live in an apartment, families in small spaces, trailers, cottages and more! It’s not whether you should get this dryer but rather why don’t you have this dryer yet?

When Newair send us our NewAir MiniDryer, we were excited. We want to save on our small space but we want an efficient product, a dryer that will get the job done the same way a bigger dryer would. Our NewAir Dryer was going to be put to the test and it definitely exceeded our expectations!

Set Up Your Dryer

We were nervous on how we would vent our dryer but we honestly had nothing to worry about! The NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer had not only great tips on how to vent our dryer but the easiest to understand three step video and blog post to follow. There was no confusion or struggle, just a quick easy set up. We were so impressed!

Who is the NewAir Mini Dryer 26W Electric Clothes Dryer For?

Condo/ Apartment Living

You’re living the luxurious condo life or in your cozy apartment, but let’s face it, you want your space to be yours and not have bulky appliances. The NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer is perfect for apartment or condo living! You have a high quality dryer with half of the space. You don’t have to move a bulky, heavy dryer into your home and figure out where you are going to put it and lose precious space.

Leave the space for you to enjoy and let The NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer do the work!


Whether your family is at the beach, in a pool, hot tub or spending a winter skiing, tubing, and skating or more, you are on vacation with your family and you want to relax. Depending on what activity you’re doing, your clothes are going to get damp or wet. You can’t always hang them out to dry

Tiny Homes

Put a newair mini dryer in your apartment

If you have downsized or are living a minimalist life with your family or in the city with a tiny house, the NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer is going to be an integral part of your home. You need your clothes clean and dry but you don’t want the bulky dryer that will take up most of your space. This dryer is one that will do the job right, making sure your clothes come out nice and dry but you won’t lose the space.

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Small Families

If you have a family of two or three people, save your money and your space with the NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer. You don’t need to worry about larger electric bills or filling up a big dryer when you don’t have that much clothing. You don’t need to pay for the extra spin or heat if you get the NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer. Your small family can use the extra space and get a dryer that does the job of a bigger one for your smaller loads.

What Are the Features of the NewAir Apartment Size Mini Dryer

We love that the NewAir Apartment Size mini Dryer has a durable stainless steel drum. We know that this high quality product would provide our family with years and years of use!

Our personal favorite feature of the dryer is that you can choose between FOUR temperature settings to allow you to dry clothes to your liking. Do you find that your clothes are too hot? Just choose a cooler temperature!

Thankfully, this dryer is compact. It is so easy to move around thanks to its compact size and it is perfect for everyone to use. From the elderly to families to those who don’t want to lift something heavy, this is the perfect way to move this important appliance to its perfect place in your home.

Why We Trust NewAir

New Air has the best customer service if you have any questions. They sell high quality products and care about their customers. They provide unique, important products for their customers and really look at what our needs and wants are.

For a high quality dryer that is going to last and make your life easier without taking the space, our choice is New Air Apartment Size Mini Dryer!