Nicknames For Nicole

Nicole is a beautiful girl’s name. It is a classic name that has stood the test of time. Nicole is still a popular name today and used around the world. Like many popular names, there are so many great nicknames that accompany Nicole. Nicknames are terms of endearment and we have the best nicknames for Nicole that you are going to love.

What Does Nicole Mean?

Nicole is a beautiful name. It has both a French and a Greek origin. Nicole means “the victory of people.” There are many great nicknames for Nicole that will make you smile. As Nicole spread from France and Greece, we see the name in many variations from across Europe and North America.

What Is A Nickname?

Nicknames are so important. They are terms of endearment for many. Nicknames are given by family members or later close friends to shorten a name, show some love or highlight a skill or inside joke of the friend circle. Nicknames can last for a few years or for a lifetime.

Nicknames are to be fun, endearing and work with the name. Sometimes nicknames can be longer than the name itself!

How To Choose The Perfect Nickname

Choosing a perfect nickname is important for your little one. You want to make sure that they have a nickname that reflects their personality. Nicknames are used by friends and family as a term of endearment for the person. A nickname can be a shortened version of their name or it could be something that reflects their personality. Alternatively, you can choose a nickname that is after a celebrity or something that is a play on the original name.

Nicknames are like friends, they may be around for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Though some nicknames will last for only a few months, others may last a child’s entire life. Usually, the ones that last the longest are the ones that family and close friends have for the child.

Do not make a nickname that is mean or embarrassing. It may mean a few laughs from friends and family but it will most likely hurt the person. Everyone wants a nickname that describes them well, so make sure to choose wisely.

How Popular Is Nicole?

In the 1960s, Nicole say comfortably in the top ten for girl names. Its popularity began to wane in the 1990s and did not rebound. Currently, Nicole sits in the top 300 girls names, slowly descending the list. Will Nicole be revived? Or will those who bare the name enjoy that it is more of a unique name then it once was.

With alternative spellings and some awesome nicknames, Nicole is a great name that will be loved by anyone who names their child this name.

Short Nicknames For Nicole

Short and sweet nicknames are easier to remember. These short nicknames for Nicole are adorable and will be remembered by all who know the nickname. Here are the cutest short nicknames for Nicole

1.Nick- This gender neutral nickname is a favorite for all.

2.Nikki- This fun and crisp nickname is complete with the cute spelling.

3.Knee- A sweet nickname that is short and easy to remember.

4.Ni- This two lettered nickname is easy to say and spell.

5.Coo-This short nickname is adorable and a term of endearment.

6.Coe- A short nickname that is fun to say.

7.LoLo- A nickname that is short and adorable.

8.Lo- This two lettered nickname easy cool and easy.

9.Le- A cute and easy nickname.

10.Nicki- A great alternative spelling to Nikki.

11.Ki- One of the shortest nicknames for Nicole and one of the best.

12.Kiki- This cute and peppy nickname will be a fan favorite.

13.Nika- A really neat alternative nickname that no one will forget.

14.Niko- A cool and neat nickname.

15.Nico-A likeable alternative spelling to “Niko.”

Adorable Nicknames For Nicole

The greatest nicknames are the ones that are the most adorable. Since Nicole is such a pretty and cute name, it has to be matched with an adorable nickname. Here are the most adorable nicknames for Nicole that are going to stick for life.

16. Nicolette- a longer nickname that people will adore. It is very elegant.

17. NeeCole- A cute and endearing nickname.

18.Nicoletta- a fancy nickname that everyone will love for Nicole.

19. Kee Kee- An adorable nickname that people will love for Nicole.

20.Nikki Lee- this nickname will be easy to remember and roll off the tongue.

21.Keeks- An adorable nickname that will become like a second name for Nicole.

22.Neek- A quirky nickname reserved for close family and friends.

23. Coley- A cute nickname that Nicole will love.

24. Locket- A nickname reserved for family.

25. LowLow-  A fun nickname for friends to call Nicole.

26.Lala- This pretty nickname that everyone loves.

27.Neekee- A name cutest with family and friends that are closest for Nicole.

28.Neeks- Cute and quirky nickname.

29. Cola- A fun nickname for friends to call Nicole.

30. Nichola- a fancy and cool nickname that Nicole would love.

Funny Nicknames For Nicole

Nicknames do not always have to be serious! It is fun to bring a bit of humor to a nickname, as long as it is in good taste. Sometimes a funny nickname is perfect for your little one. Here are some funny nicknames for Nicole.

31. Neecola – Like the Ricola Commercials

32. Nikki Nikki Nine Door- A Funny play on those who

33.  Nickel- Just like the coin.

34. Nicola- Playing on coke a cola

35. Sickie Nickie- If your Nicole is always sick

36.Picky Nicky- If they are a picky eater.

Awesome Nicknames For Nicole

Since the Nicole in your life is awesome, she needs nicknames to match her personality. Here are some Nicole nicknames that are completely awesome.

37. Ni- Short and sweet. Easy to remember.

38. Nikio- Cool and crisp, an excellent awesome nickname for Nicole.

39. Nicki Bear- A nickname that is for the closest of family and friends.

40. Nickelodeon- After the famous children’s programming network that has produced some of the most famous children’s and pre-teen shows.

Famous People Named Nicole

Nicknames do not have to be shortened forms of the name itself. You can also nickname someone after a famous or notable person. As long as this celebrity or notable person is reputable and in a positive standing in society, your Nicole will be happy. Here are some famous people named Nicole that would make a great nickname.

Nicole Kidman

This famous actress has been a fan favorite for decades. Her fair looks and Australian background make her endearing. She has taken on various roles that have her captivating audiences of all movie genres. For the elegant classy girl.

Nicole Scherzinger

This famous singer took the world by storm and has a huge fan following. Beautiful and talented, give this nickname to the Nicole who has big aspirations or an adorable singer.

Nicole Ritchie

This famous Nicole went from being from a famous family to being a reality star to being a fashion designing phenom. Talented and full of ambition, this nickname is great for the creative child who believes in themselves.

These are just a few of the many inspiring Nicoles that you can have as a nickname for your little one. These Nicole’s are ambitious, elegant and determined and are good potential nicknames.

Alternative Names To Nicole

Looking for something that is like Nicole? There are some excellent alternatives to Nicole that you may prefer. Here are some ideas that you will love that are like Nicole.








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