Nine Months Before A Baby Is Born Review

As soon as we had children, we were firm believers in explaining life to them in both an age appropriate, yet candid manner. One of the biggest questions I received when I was pregnant with our second child was, “How do babies grow inside your belly?” Instead of grappling with scientific terms, I simply shared the most wonderful book, Nine Months before a Baby is born by Miranda Paul and illustrated by the talented Jason Chin with my little one.


Why You Should Read Nine Months Too

If your child has a sibling coming, there will be so much to absorb! From endless adorable questions to big changes happening to Mom and around the home, your little one wants to know what’s going on. Nine Months Before a Baby is born explains to your child what is happening inside Mom’s stomach while life continues outside.

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We follow soon to be big sister and her parents as they prepare for their new baby coming over the course of 9 months. We see the family interacting and going through the joys and changes of a baby coming and on the other side of each page, we see how the baby is growing and what is happening inside of Mom each and every month.

A Pregnancy Book Like You Have Never Seen!

This is illustrated beautifully and accurately so your little one can see through the book what their sibling will look like every month and what is happening. The rhymes and simple wording make it easy for your child to understand the process.

At the back of the book is a wonderful glossary of important terms to teach your child with descriptions of what is happening! There is even a section if Mom is having twins!

The illustrations are so beautiful and so accurate that your child will get the facts about pregnancy. They will also realize that as baby is growing, life is continuing around them.

What is also brilliant about this book is you actively see the seasons change. This will help young children learn more about how long it takes for a baby to come. As we see it change from season to season, children realize that their new sibling is going to take some time to get here!

The Extras

If this book was not amazing enough, it has a list of amazing things that babies can do before they are born! Having candid conversations with your child about what your baby can do while you are pregnant, will really help your older child or children bond with their unborn sibling!

We think if you are having a baby, you need this book. Your family will love the detailed information, the illustrations and the beautiful way two separate worlds become one. A must have for every growing family!