Finding trusted baby brands can be tough for new parents. There are a lot of choices but a lot to look out for. It can be overwhelming! We trust and love Noodle and Boo products and when they sent us their Delicate Baby Powder, we were excited to test it out.

Baby powder is an important part to a babies well being and keeping the skin cared for while treating it gently. Made with pure cornstarch and wholesome oatmeal, we found that the Delicate Baby Powder was soft to the touch but did not leave a residue.

The Delicate Baby Powder was developed to absorb excess moisture and leave baby’s skin smooth, fresh and dry. We tested this and realized that Delicate Baby Powder lived up to its expectation. We also wanted to trust a product that was kind to babies with sensitive skin. Since our baby has sensitive skin, it can be that much harder to find trusted products that do not cause itchiness , redness or rashes.

Noodle and Boo’s Delicate Baby Powder also contains aloe vera and allantoin which is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties.

We were impressed with this baby powder, we can trust the Noodle and Boo brand and we highly recommend it for your baby, whether they have sensitive skin or not!

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