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This month’s “Dad of the Month” is an inspiring man who’s best friend and business partner is his twin brother. He is humble, kind, loves what he does and knows how to coordinate a fantastic party! But not just any party, but an experience of a lifetime.

I am talking about Jian Magen of Magen Boys Entertainment (MBE).

At a very young age, twin brothers Jian and Page Magen had a natural ability to bring people together to celebrate. Out of the love and passion of creating lasting memories for people through events, came the start of Magen Boys Entertainment (MBE).

Jian and Page - Star Wars

Launched in 1999, MBE started out as a two-man disc jockey team. Today, MBE is Canada’s #1 turn-key event production and entertainment company with close to 100 staff, first-class inventory of technical, media and staging equipment and a 10,000 square foot office, showroom and warehouse.

They create unforgettable events by customizing every detail around their unique clients. They even state: “We promise your party will be an experience of a lifetime.” MBE will coordinate every aspect of your party, including; venue selection, theme, decor, vendor management, entertainment, schedule, budget and on site execution to name a few. They have highly qualified event producers to professional singers, musicians, DJ’s, emcee’s, dancers and performers to the state of the art lighting, staging, and sound systems. MBE provides the best in production, entertainment and decor for every type of event imaginable. Whether it’s a corporate event; special events; weddings; mitzvahs; sporting events; confirmations and Sweet 16’s; and Talent Acquisition.

With MBE, the possibilities are endless. Make sure to follow them on social media to see what exciting events that they are up to as you never know what celebrity has taken them on.

Website: www.magenboys.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Magenboys
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magenboys
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MagenBoysEnt

MBE 451

I have had the sincere pleasure to work with Jian on events that I have coordinated in the past and I knew that if he was involved it would always be a great success. Jian always ensured that everything went smoothly from the beginning to end. His friendliness and professionalism was always top notch. Jian would take our events to the next level of awesome and I was always grateful to have him by our side.

When I asked Jian where he would like to see his business in 5 years, he noted that if business continues to grow at the pace its going, he would have no reason to be anything but happy and lucky. One of the areas he would love to see grow would be the MBE film division that they launched a few years back. With their second feature film under their belt, Jian and his brother are excited to continue growing this side of their business.

But it hasn’t just been business growing, as Jian’s family was as well. Jian became a dad in 2015 with the birth of his son and his family is growing again with baby #2 on the way. So how does he ensure business success and a growing family?! Well, I asked him how he does it all. Jian stated, “It’s all about making priorities and to make as much time as possible to spend it with my family.”

Jian is our Dad of the month as he is an inspirational person who built a great company from the ground up. Of course it hasn’t been easy and required a lot of hard work to achieve what he has through MBE. He balances a busy work schedule and ensures that he is there for his growing family with much love. Jian is also humble and never forgets his family and friends. You know that you can always count on him if you need something.

When I asked Jian what he would like to end with he stated, “Being named Dad of the month is such an honour for me, thank you.”

But I am the one who needs to say thank you to Jian for all his hard work, dedication, friendship and time. Don’t forget to check out Magen Boys Entertainment for an experience of a lifetime.

Congratulations Jian!

Until next time…..Happy Parenting!

– Momma Braga