Notebook Doodles Amazing Me! Builds Confidence

Creator of Notebook Doodles Amazing Me! Jess Volinski made us smile. We were asked to review her book which is part journal and part coloring/colouring book. Whether you are an adult who loves to draw and doodle or a child who is learning the magic behind colours/colors, we highly recommend this book.

We recommend it because it is like no other.


Jess Volinski did not just create your run of the mill colouring book. She created a time for you to relax. In a life where we are pulled in every direction, this book tells us to slow down, relax and have fun. Get your colours ready, because you are going to have hours of fun and relaxation! You may even learn something about yourself.

Each page has either an inspiring quote to read before you get started, an easy to fill in journal about what you love and many opportunities to show off your colouring skills. We love it for the whole family. But there was something that make this book supersede the rest of the colouring book/journals out there.

It comes with the implementation of COLOUR.

Volinski is not just the author and creator of this book but also an illustrator. She has illustrated more than a dozen colouring books. This means she knows more than a thing or two about colours. There is emotion behind colours. There is feeling and she dedicates some of this book explaining the elements of art behind your creations.

We have to say, despite taking a few art classes over the years and being art appreciators (we also have a twitter page, @artistsopusmag… check it out!) We walked away learning so much and you will too. I was interested in her piece about negative and positive spaces, the texture of colour and her colouring technique ideas.

The spectrum of emotion was the most interesting part of for me personally. I spoke to my little one who is four and asked her what colours on the spectrum provided made her happy. She pointed to all of the colours that were in the “happy” section and then proceeded to point out colours and shades that seem “sad”. Is this ingrained in us as human beings to react to colours and shades in a certain way? Is it society? It is how each of us individually sees colour? The spectrum of emotion caused us to look into this further.


This book is great for kids to relax, reflect and reconnect with the passions that drive them and the things in life that give them joy.  Children need to compress from the long days they have, from the friends, sports, clubs, schools and siblings. It’s good to reconnect with themselves and reaffirm who they are and what they love to do.

Amazing Me! Is more than a colouring book, it’s a therapeutic book and it will make a great Christmas gift. Yes, we said Christmas!