By: Brooke Chaplan


Nursery on a Nickle: Thrifty Decorating Ideas for Baby

For most new mothers, the minute you find out you’re pregnant you start to feel all the anxiety and overwhelming excitement that comes with a new baby. You might be wondering if you will have a boy or a girl, what your baby will look like, how you will afford all the new supplies, and where you’re going to keep all the new baby items.
It might be time to clear out that old guest room, or finally decorate an empty one. With all of the adorable baby products out there, it’s easy to overspend on frivolous things. For parents looking to stay within a budget but still deck out their baby’s room with style, there are some ways to keep the spending under control.



For moms and dads with skills (even if they are limited) there are some amazing custom decoration that can be created with the help of a needle and thread or a glue gun. Curtains are simple to make after finding the perfect fabric. If you know how to knit or crochet, even better! Creating a one of a kind blanket for baby to treasure forever will save you in the bedding department. You can also make cute wall stamps and paint patterns for a unique theme all your own.

Garage Sale or Online Swap

Baby items are very popular at garage sales so get there early. You can find gently used items like bouncers, toys, highchairs, and clothes at a huge discount. Swap groups often post baby items for trade or reasonable prices as well. Post what you are looking for, and offer anything you may be willing to exchange. Even new items can come at a great discount if you know where to look.

Get Creative


There are several ways to repurpose furniture items you already own and use them in your baby’s room, especially if you choose a neutral color palette. A cozy chair from the family room becomes a perfect nursing rocker with a soft blanket thrown over the back. Paint picture frames you already own to match the color choice and fill them with your own printed photography. Keep it simple! Take a picture of a basketball, baseball, or a soccer ball for a sports themed room, or even use newborn portraits once you get them printed. Use the dust jacket of a favorite children’s book as framed artwork on the wall.


Use Coupons or Sales


If there are certain items you want to buy new like a crib, search out coupon codes to save you money on big ticket items. Expectant mothers will often be bombarded with emails once they announce their big news so check these out for any helpful codes. When you create a registry at certain stores, you may also receive a gift card to use towards your baby purchases. Online, you can shop at Sugar Babies or similar places for trendy baby girl clothes if you have the right coupons, and you can find cheap baby bottles and dishes in bulk at most grocery stores.

Creating an adorable nursery on a budget is possible. With a little research and creativity, you can decorate an adorable room without spending a fortune.