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We adore Oby Rollz, the most stylish and useful accessory for your little crawler or walker. Have you had a crawling baby or a walking tot who struggles with their pants? Do they fall off or trip them as they learn to be more mobile? ObyRollz is your stylish lifesaver!

Available in so many trendy designs, ObyRollz™ provide a convenient way to shorten the length of childrens’ pants, as well as, add a some zing to their outfit!


We can’t choose which design we like best. ObyRollz helps the stylish child make a statement with their adorable cuffs. Available in so many styles and colours/colors, we are beyond impressed.


We also found with our little walkers to be that ObyRollz gave them the freedom to move around without tripping on their pant leg. We found it a safe way to keep our little one moving, while looking extra adorable. ObyRollz are also reversable so you can mix and match your designs.

We love ObyRollz! To buy your own, click here