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Let me first introduce you all to Olivia who is an adorable pig and is a legend in her own time with awards (including a Caldecott Honor and two Book Sense Children’s Book of the Year awards), stars galore, and a place on bestseller lists everywhere. Olivia books have been translated into 24 languages and are sold in 40 countries worldwide, and has been adapted into an animated television series. You may have even seen her on clothing. I know that we have an Olivia winter jacket and it is beyond adorable!

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After five years, we have a new Olivia adventure to read and it is a really good one with such a great message for children and parents. Olivia The Spy is written and illustrated by the talented Ian Falconer and we were excited to receive it to feature in our #MelandNikkiReview.

In Olivia The Spy, Olivia overhears conversations that her mom is having on the phone about how she is at her wits end with Olivia’s not-so-squeaky-clean behavior and mentions how she wishes that there was somewhere she can send Olivia to. This sparked the idea that Olivia should further investigate. This where Olivia gets really creative and tries to blend in household items to eavesdrop on her mom’s conversations. This is where Olivia’s imagination gets the best of her as she believes that her mom is sending her to military school. However, Olivia learns that the surprise was much better than what her imagination lead her to believe.

Nikki and I give this book five Pirouettes out of five. The story was really fun to read and such a cute adventure. The illustrations articulate the story beautifully and are stunning!

The message that we got from this story is such an important one as it shows the dangers of eavesdropping and also serves as a cautionary tale for parents that children are always listening to everything that we are saying. This book is recommended for children 4 to 8 years of age and even though Nikki is only 2.5 years old she still enjoyed the book greatly.

Looking forward to see what other Olivia adventures will hit our shelves to read. If you would like to purchase this beautiful book, click here.

Until next time…..Happy Parenting!

* Please note that this book was given at no cost in exchange for an honest review and no other monetary benefits were given to Momma Braga.