One Elephant Went Out To Play – From the delightful author of Skinnamarink, we are introduced to the fun, sweet and hilarious One Elephant Went Out To Play. Based on one of the most popular songs from Sharon, Lois and Bram from their very first album, this song is now a wonderful book to be enjoyed by a whole new generation of fans.

The Birth of The Book

This is the second book after Skinnamarink, One Elephant Went Out To Play is full of nostalgia, with some key elements of whimsy and adventure. Author Randi Hampson not only tells the story and enraptures audience of all ages, but is also a performer for the band! However, as Sharon’s daughter and a musician in her own right, Randi has created this wonderful tale into a book.

Illustrator Qin Leng has brought each whimsical character to life. We love the little details that has been placed into each page. Long time fans of Sharon, Lois and Bram will see them subtly on each page. This makes the book fun for curious readers of all ages.

Elephant decides that he wants to go out to play and finds a wonderful spiders web. He has such enormous fun that he calls for all of his friends to come. However, will they all fit?Will Elephant be able to invite all of their friends to join them on the spider web? Above all, is there enough room for everyone?

Extra Credit

Have your children draw Elephant and their friends on the gigantic spider web. Let them add themselves and their friends and family on the spider web too! What do they bring? Instruments, paint brushes or their favorite toy? Look at the masterpiece your little one has created and show the details that were put into the book so they can add it to their drawing.

For the writer in your family, ask your child to add an extra verse to the famous song, One Elephant Went Out To Play. Above all, be sure to share it with us!

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