One step closer


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By: Colleen Parise


Yesterday, Wednesday, July 17th was the day. The big day. The most “egg”cellent day 🙂 After all my injections, blood work, ultrasounds, and testing, this was the grand finale. One step closer to becoming a mom! I arrived at 8:30a.m., and after a quick costume change into a lovely patterned gown and a  fabulous hair net, I  had the IV started by the anesthesiologist and spoke to my doctor before going into the procedure room. After walking into the procedure room, my legs were strapped into two padded holders, similar to stir ups but much more comfortable and with Velcro straps to keep my legs from moving. So very 50 shades of grey, I know. Only more pain than pleasure occurs in this room. Once the anesthesiologist administered the medication, I do not recall a thing. The next thing I know, I was waking up in a hospital bed down the hall. My doctor had told me I would be awake but sedated during the procedure, more like blackout drunk status right there. Similar to those college days, the doctor and nurse told me stories about me talking and saying things I do not remember saying during the procedure. My doctor also informed me that he was able to get 9 eggs. Only 9? After all that hard work and prep, only 9? With the large number of follicles I produced with the IVF medications, I was expecting more. I was a little nervous yesterday that that number wasn’t enough, that I once again would have my body to blame for Lou and I not having a child. Why I was so upset over 9 is beyond me, I guess the internet is both a tool and a weapon of mass destruction. Reading other women’s blogs and forums about how they got 13, 25, and all these large numbers made me feel my 9 were inadequate somehow. I left the office nervous and upset, but hopeful that my 9 eggs would be sufficient.  The rest of the day yesterday was spent in bed with a heating pad on my abdomen and a nice mix of Percosets and Gatorade to relieve the pain and avoid OHSS. Just when I thought the shots were done….3 more injections given over 3 nights, medications to assist me in feeling better more quickly, so I will inject away with a smile.

Today I awoke with a major headache and so extremely sore in my stomach. I have spent the day in bed again today with my heating pad and enjoying the Criminal Minds marathon and catching up on some downloaded books on my Kindle I haven’t had time to get to. I got the call today that made all the pain worth it, of the 9 eggs, 8 were mature, and 8 fertilized!! So it looks as though on Saturday we will have 8 embryos to freeze until May!!!!! One step closer…