Congratulations! You have found out that you are going to have a baby in the next nine months. Pregnancy can be a beautiful but overwhelming experience as your body changes and gets ready for baby. It’s hard to sort through all of the products you will want to have along you rpregnancy journey.  You need a companion that you can trust to help you every step of the way and we would recommend PreggoBox for the job!

It’s time to get the Preggo Experience! Yes, this is your TIME to be pampered! Searching for a variety of items can be so overwhelming so PreggoBox has combined their experience of pregnancy and local businesses to comfort you. What will you get from a Pregg Box? Love and support. Divided by trimester, your nine month journey does not have to be so hard. The honest goods are at a fair price. They are also supporting local businesses who love to spoil a Mom to be! Most of all, it brings relaxation and peace of mind to you as you go on this nine month journey with your baby.

Each trimester, you will receive a PreggoBox. This will be filled with goodies that cater to the trimester you’re in. We decided to test our PreggoBox 1 (Trimester 1). We were ready to see if this will truly help a Mom to be in her first trimester. We were blown away!

When I was in my first trimester, scents and odors were horrible. A light smell of my Mother cooking onions smelled like she was frying something she found in a local dump. I was overly sensitive. How can I function for the next three months with simple tasks like bathing? I still wanted to be pampered!

PreggoBox 1st Trimester

As I opened the PreggoBox for the first trimester, I felt like it was my birthday. Ginger mint chews to help with nausea and get rid of awful after taste, morning sickness bags (if you happen to be driving or can’t get to a washroom…it happens!) a pregnancy journal to document your journey and my favorite, a Dead Sea Mud handmade natural soap that is NON SCENTED. A mom to be in her first trimester could spoil herself in the bath without worrying about a scent! There will other great finds as well including a really cool looking water bottle, belly butter, pregnancy replenisher herbal tea, and Ginger Thins.

This love in a box is geared towards the sick Mommy who may be experiencing nausea and yet, who is ready to begin her pregnancy journey.

PreggoBox is made for Moms by a Mom. We love that a lot of thought went into each box and that each box relates so well to each trimester. We also love that it is supporting local businesses.

Take a look at the various products that you will find in your PreggoBox. Only the best for Mom to be! You can also buy each product separately. I know I will be buying all of those wonderful handmade soaps!

We love the soaps!

You can buy PreggoBox for a mom to be in your life (a great congratulations gift) or get it for yourself, so you are ready to go on this journey prepared and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Every Mom to be deserves to feel pampered, loved and cared for. PreggoBox is that companion to join you throughout your pregnancy! This Canadian business is perfect for Moms to be. Get your PreggoBox now!