Our Style Expert is Atara Twersky from Curlee Girlee!

The Baby Spot is pleased to announce that we will be adding Atara Twersky from Curlee Girlee as our Style Expert to the team!

Atara is the author of Curlee Girlee, a book about empowering young girls to love their natural hair. Inspired from her own curly haired daughter, Atara’s book has become a movement, inspiring girls all over the world to embrace their beautiful tresses.

Atara Twerksy and her book did so well that it was put in both the Grammy and Oscar gift bags! She was also one of the Style Heroes of 2017, for inspiring others to love their hair.

Atara Brings her Confidence…

Atara brings her curl confidence, her incredible sense of style and her love to help families everywhere. Her posts will be both fun and informative for both parents and her children.

So join us in embracing Atara Twersky and welcoming her to our global audience!

We also want to remind our audience that Atara’s new book, Curlee Girlee’s Got Talent is being released in September! But we know where you can preorder it!