Papa Brings Me The World

Most parents have a 9 to 5 job, but Lulu’s Dad travels the world as a photo journalist. Though they can’t always be together, their spirits are always bonded with Papa Brings Me The World.

Based loosely on the incredible stories of author Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, Lulu misses her father terribly but receives wonderful messages and gifts from him from all over the world. Readers will be taken to far away lands, learn some geography, some incredible games to play at home and so much more.

From Mali to China, Lulus small gifts are monumental and will teach your children about incredible gifts from many different countries. When Lulu’s father comes back, their bond is indescriblable. When he is away, he is missed terribly. However, the bond between Father and child is kept through letters, stories and memories.

You May Not Be Able to Travel The World, But I Can Bring The World To You

There are so many excellent life lessons in this book! It is a comfort to children who have a parent or guardian who works away from home often. It gives ideas and insight how to communicate when you are apart. When you are together, the time is priceless.

Lulu and her Dad bond from travel, education and stories. How do you bond with your children? Families who read this book will learn about different countries, a fun game and some beautiful sayings in different languages. Everyone will learn so much!


Have your child learn about a country they have never heard of before. What are some interesting instruments, creations, art or history about the country?

Write a loved one that is far away from you a letter. What do you want to tell them? Share a beautiful memory with them in the letter.

A Beautiful Tribute

This book is not only a wonderful story, but it is also a keepsake for all families. Keep this book to learn, laugh, bond and love.

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