encourages not only our Canadian readers but our readers worldwide to take ParticipACTION’s challenge for all children to get outside and play for the “longest day of the year” June 21st!


Remember when our neighborhoods were bustling with active kids playing after school, after dinner and much of the weekend. The sounds of children’s laughter and having fun with friends filled the streets until the street lights came on and parents called their children in for the night.


As the national voice of physical activity and sport participation, ParticipACTION wants to turn back time and get kids playing again! On the longest day of the year, June 21, let’s take advantage of the extra daylight to enjoy the Longest Day of Play.  Turn off the TV; go to the park, schoolyard, or your local recreation centre, and just play!


We want to encourage all Canadians to take advantage of all the extra daylight on the longest day of the year, and get out with family, friends and neighbours to let loose and play.


Here are some great ways to celebrate the Longest Day of Play in your community:


1. Head to the park or playground after dinner – bring a ball, skipping rope, or a Frisbee – and play until it gets dark.

2. Make June 21 the day you teach your kids the active games you loved. You’ll find most of them on our Bring Back Play mobile app at BringBackPlay/mobi.

3. Have your kids teach you the active games they play with their friends. If you’ve never played Chuck the Chicken, Grounders or Manhunt, you’re missing out!

4. Tour the community… on bikes.

5. Invite grandparents to teach your little ones the games they played as kids. Let’s pass the active fun from generation to generation.


Check out the ParticipACTION website for 100 ways you can play this summer!


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