Patch – Natural Bamboo Strip Bandages


When the founder of Nutricare James Dutton noticed that his son’s skin was reacting badly to a common wound covering and actually making the wound worse, he knew he had to step in and change the way we see bandages.


James knew that in many wound care plasters, there was an array of chemicals that lurk in these strips. He quickly realized that many other people were concerned too, looking for a product that not only helps you heal your skin but also does not cause any irritation and does not slow down your body’s ability to heal. When you’re healing you should not deal with a nasty skin reaction to the plaster!


We are thrilled when we were given PATCH, an incredible natural alternative that understands that you and your children live busy and active lives and wounds happen. PATCH is dedicated to helping those who react or are allergic to the other wound covering solutions or people who are putting unknown chemicals on their skin.


How PATCH Works



Environmentally, PATCH wants you to reduce your environmental footprint. PATCH is extremely light and is made from bamboo. This unique product line is a renewable resource that grows faster than trees that uses much less water and does not need pesticides or herbicides. With certified organic components, this is great for families!


Made from super soft bamboo fabric, this gentle pressure sensitive adhesive will cover your scratch or wound but is also breathable and hypoallergenic. It is also biodegradable and is designed to help, not hinder your skin.


PATCH’s Design


PATCH’s designs are really great! Its excellent packaging is environmentally friendly and if you get the bamboo strips with coconut oil, you can find an adorable fitting panda bear design. You and your kids will love it.


Who Patch Is Helping

Along with helping so many people around the globe who have scratches o wounds, PATCH supports local communities in East Timor through the Young Veterans missions Team. PATCH also helps the Sea Shepherd to carry out their incredible work to save our marine life and protect our oceans. Along with Retail Global, PATCH supports Phil Leahy’s mission to service hardship regions and support children across Haiti with sterile medical resources.





If you or your child is reacting to your plasters, it may be the plaster you are using! Instead try PATCH, who does not have harsh chemicals but has an environmentally friendly design that will help your skin, help you heal and is kind to the environment.


For falls and scrapes and all of lives happy accidents, use PATCH.


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