PBfit Peanut Butter Powder Review


As families, we are always looking for the healthy option that tastes great. Is there such a thing? We think so, since we have tried PBfit Peanut Butter, the gluten free peanut butter powder that gives us the healthiness we are looking for and the deliciousness we crave.


Blend, Shake, Bake!

Sometimes, the delicious option does not taste great! Let’s be honest, people want to go to healthier options, but when it does not taste good, it is not that appetizing. As a parent trying to get a whole family to eat well, it can be extremely difficult to get everyone on board with healthier food options. Coupled with allergies and intolerance, it can feel like moving a family to the same healthier options is about as easy as moving mountains.

When we were gifted PBfit, we were excited. Could this be our healthy option peanut butter that can not only be a go to snack with all of the healthy benefits but also be something that is delicious? We are happy to say that it exceeded all of our expectations!

Vegan Friendly

This vegan peanut butter is gluten free. We joined the thousands of people who went nuts for PBfit. It came in a generous jar but in powder form! Will it taste the same as peanut butter? Even more important, will it pass the test of the whole family including our school aged children and toddler?

As a family, we have no allergies that we are aware of. We do have other family members with an intolerance to gluten. So when we decided to give this powdered peanut butter a try, we were really optimistic, since we have heard so many good things, but we had to try for ourselves to give our audience some honest feedback.

How Does It Work?

Scoop out your desired amount of peanut butter powder and just add water for a spread or your delicious baking needs. Or have some fun and put the powder on its own for a shake. Yes, you can bake with PBfit, shake and even blend. It is that delicious.

1TBSP of PBfit with 3.4 TBSP of water.

That’s it!

Families with No Time

If you are family that is busy but wants to eat healthy, PBfit is perfect with a slice of apple. Or you can blend it into a tasty healthy shake. On family bonding moments, baking with PBfit is best. It becomes a part of those treasured memories as you, one day at a time, make healthy choices for you and your family.

Health Facts

61% fewer calories than regular peanut butter

87% less fat

Oatmeal pancakes anyone? Yummy recipes are available on the website!

For healthy snacks, healthy food and beautiful memories, PBfit gets The Baby Spot stamp of approval as it is a staple for every family. Healthy, quick and more delicious than regular peanut butter!

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