Someone is telling you a joke and it is hilarious! It brings on a laugh, a big belly laugh. However, that is not only what it brings on, you pee yourself! This common reaction to laughter, urgency to go to the bathroom and other events happens a lot but it does not have to be this way. Peeing when laughing can be embarrassing, annoying and unwarranted. We have some top tips on how to make it stop once and for all!

Why do I Pee When I Laugh?

Peeing while you laugh is a common occurrence for people who are over a certain age, have had babies, have a medical condition, are over weight and so much more. Though it is common, it does not have to happen. Luckily, there are ways to stop it or to bring down the amount of pee that escapes. You deserve to stay dry when you are out enjoying your life. But for many people they do not know the why to peeing when laughing or exercising or straining.

Some of the reasons why people pee while they laugh are:

You’ve Given Birth

After you have given birth, you may notice you pee a little (or a lot) when you are laughing, straining or in other similar situations. Your vagina has had babies and that is such a strain on your body. For some people, the pelvic floor or muscles are weakened and need to be exercised. For the first six to eight weeks you may notice you pee a little when jumping, laughing or using those muscles. However, over time it gets a little better. For some people, it does not get better naturally. We love our babies but we don’t want to pee every time we make a movement.

You’re Getting Older

Let’s face it, you are fabulous at any age! However, as we get older our body can change right under us! This goes for incontinence. Having a weakened pelvic floor can cause us to feel a little pee when straining those pelvic floor muscles. It may feel like this is going to be the “new normal”, but it certainly does not have to be!

You Exercise… A lot

You love to hit the gym to feel great. You exercise a lot! From weights to high impact cardio you are motoring multiple times a week. With this high impact workout routine may have its benefits, it can also cause challenges. With high impact workouts, it can cause stress on your muscles and cause you to pee a bit when you are lifting. This can be difficult for a person who wants to stay in shape and also stay dry.

Your Pelvic Floor is Weak

Most people have never even heard of a pelvic floor before but it plays such a big role in our lives. Your pelvic floor is located between your pubic bone and your tail bone. There are muscles that pass through. If you are wondering if your pelvic floor is weak, you may have the following symptoms. These symptoms are including but not limited to incontinence, lower back pain, pain during sexual intercourse, you take small and frequent pees and more.

How To Stop Peeing When You Laugh

Peeing when you laugh may be a normal occurrence to some people, but it can be stopped or calmed down with some simple tips. It is time to get your confidence back and feel good when you are laughing, exercising or lifting without worrying about having a sudden urge to pee.

Talk To Your Doctor

This will always be our number one recommendation! We will always encourage anyone who is having any sort of health concern to talk to their doctor first. There are so many people who are too embarrassed to speak to their doctor about this problem. However, your health matters and trust us when we say, doctors have heard it all! This problem is nowhere near something that would shock them. Alternatively, they will be happy that you spoke to them about it so they can help you through this challenge. Doctors are there to help. Expect a full health assessment, a lot of questions and your doctor and you can decide on a care plan. You deserve to laugh without worrying about peeing yourself.


A lot of people do not know what kegels are and those who have heard of kegels have been given some misinformation. Simply, kegels are exercises that you can do to strengthen your pelvic floor. This is a great way to either stop or calm down the stream of urine that comes out during exercise, laughter and more. You deserve to feel comfortable.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Some cases of incontinence can be fully repaired with pelvic floor exercises. Once you understand the pelvic floor, with the recommendation of a doctor, you can start pelvic floor exercises. Thankfully, for most people, these exercises are easy and do not require a lot of time to do. There are many pelvic floor experts who can assist you and give you guidance and education on the pelvic floor. With an examination, they can tell you what is right for you.

This can be a life changer for so many people. Whether you are a Mom who has had multiple children or a man who is just suffering from some incontinence, a pelvic floor expert can be able to give you tips to lessen or stop your incontinence.

Vagina Coaches

What is a vagina coach? While some people shy away from the word, the majority of women are embracing the word vagina. Too often people shy away from problems they may be having physically. Let’s talk about vaginas and what a vagina coach is! This is a person who will understand kegels, pelvic floors and incontinence. They can help you build up your pelvic floor and overall health. This can stop incontinence and laughing when you pee or lessen its effects.

A vagina coach can be a great positive coach for you as you go through this journey!

Weight Loss

Sometimes, the pressure of extra weight can cause some incontinence. Take your weight loss journey as a lifestyle change! You are worth the time and effort. Do not expect to lose all of your excess weight in a few weeks. This is a lifestyle decision. Take your time to do things that make you happy. Take walks, swim if you can and make eating choices that are going to fuel you. There are a lot of healthy foods that taste delicious. For some people, losing weight can mean no incontinence issues. Others report the symptoms calming down and being more manageable. Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle change and what are some realistic and healthy goals that you can make during your weight loss journey.

Is It Normal To Pee When I Laugh?

It is normal to pee when you laugh! Many people have weakened pelvic floors that cause them to pee a little when they laugh, do some exercise and so much more. However, it does not have to happen. With the education and understanding of what the pelvic floor is and how to exercise it, many people can stop peeing when they laugh. Alternatively, for those who cannot completely stop, others can reduce their symptoms.

As we age, we want to be comfortable to laugh, exercise and enjoy movement. We want to do this without peeing ourselves.By learning more about the pelvic floor, kegels and easy to do daily exercises that do not take up too much time, we can change the way we see our movement. With a little bit of education, the understanding of your doctor and a few light exercise, it could be a game changer!