Peppa Pig and The Christmas Play!

Peppa’s whole class is excited for the annual Christmas party and everyone is dressing up. Santa may be very busy but Peppa and her friends would love if he could come and watch their Christmas play. Wendy Wolf is dressing up as an elf, Suzy Sheep is going as the Christmas nurse and Peppa is so lucky, she gets to be the Christmas fairy! With all of the excitement will Santa come?

What your child will learn


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Madame Gazelle is organizing the children as they are excited about their upcoming Christmas play! Your young child will be ready to learn how to read and recognize new words and sentence structure. Your little one will name each character and what they dressed up as! It will help them with memorization and recognition, two important skills for toddlers to preschoolers. Your kindergartener will be proud that they can read the whole book! Get those early learners in love with reading with their favorite characters from Peppa Pig.

The colors in the book are so bright like Peppa Pig’s famous show and children will be excited whether or not Santa Claus comes to visit the school play. In true Peppa Pig fashion, magic happens and we won’t spoil it but your child is going to love the ending of this book.

Extra Credit

Have your young children memorize what each student is dressed up as. Memory recognition is an excellent skill to teach toddlers to kindergardeners. Since Peppa Pig is one of their favorite characters, this should be easy and encourage them to continue this pattern of questions and answers in other subjects.

Peppa Pig and the Christmas Play

Will Peppa and her friends have the Christmas play ready in time? Will Santa come and visit and see the best play of the year? You and your children are going to have to find out in this new and beautiful Christmas story for the whole family from Candlewick Press.


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