Oh oh, being a parent with your iPhone or other devices can be tough. When you’re not looking, your child could be playing rough with your important and expensive iPhone. Shattered screens are the norm with families. Parents are reluctant, especially with many phones being workphones, to allow their little ones to use their phones. With all of the amazing apps out there for children, its a struggle to risk letting them use your phone or not try out an educational app.


Phantom Glass is a Canadian Start up by innovative entrepreneur Richard Waters. He was irritated by the lack of protective products out there and the ones that were, he did not like the bubbling, peeling and scratched screen protectors. So Phantom Glass was born.

We put Phantom Glass to the ultimate test, giving it to a busy working father whose phone is a lifeline and a young daughter who likes to play apps on rainy days. It has been scratched, played with roughly and used… ALOT. The phone is in the same perfect condition as we left it. The Phantom Glass was so thin and our working father’s favorite part was that it did not bubble, peel or scratch, the same things that founder Richard Waters ensured his product would provide. We chose to get one in black, but there are many different colours available!

The Phantom Glass has two unique codings:

1. a silicone nano-adhesion layer which ensures that putting it on is easy but its surface can fit older devices also!

2. An oleophobic nano coating that allows those pesky finger prints to wipe right off with ease.

The case is compatable with all touch screen devices and is guaranteed with zero image distortion. It is available in Canada and online.


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