The Comfortable, Cool and Interactive PK Beans Jammies

Finding comfortable jammies that your children will wear can be challenging! However, the wonderful PK Beans has launched their interactive jammies and they are the first of their kind in Canada! Ready to change the bedtime game? We certainly are!

Comfort and Quality Pajamas

As parents, we are looking for pajamas that are cool, comfortable and durable. We want a pair of PJs that will last! These special pair of pajamas would be able to go through the laundry regularly and be able to keep up with our kids. Thankfully, PK Beans is on top of it. Delightfully called “Bean Jammies”, these pajamas are not like something you have ever seen before.

Each pair of jammies has a cute little moon on the pocket. When it is scanned by an ipad or a smartphone, it will start a lovely night routine of sleepy stations. There will be a checklist. Brushing your teeth, going to the bathroom and more will help your child remember what to do before bed. We love the interactive feelings station that lets your child digest their days emotions before audio stories. It will also play soothing music to drift them off to sleep.

These jammies were created alongside two time Emmy Winner and child psychologist, Sebastian Altmark. Simply download the Thrubox app and scan the marker on the PJs to begin the adventure to Sleepytown!

PK BEANS is About Comfort

Designed with comfort in mind, PJ Beans by PK Beans is 100% cotton ( just like all of the PK Beans clothing). The pajamas are designed to have a higher thread count. This ensures durability for your active children. This also reduces the epidemic of “fast fashion.” Clothes are made to stay! Thanks to the Oeko-TEx Standard, 100 fabrics guarantee that these jammies do not have toxic chemicals and harmful dyes.

If you are looking for high quality, long lasting, fashionable and innovative Pajamas that your children will love, make sure you are buying only PK Beans!