PK Beans

The right outfit joins your child for every adventure, can withstand every journey, looks good for every memory and feels comfortable every step of the way. These are the reasons why we love PK Beans. When you design through the eyes of children, you get brilliance.

Design through the Eyes of Children

PK Beans is not just your average brand. It’s designed by Moms who know what children need in a fashionable, trendy and durable clothing line. PK BEANS wants your children to play and live in these clothes and bring and spread both happiness and comfort to the children that wear them.  When your child wears PK Beans, they can really enjoy independent play. The fashion is trendy and comfortable and full of possibilities.

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Children love adventure. They want to play in the forest, explore the next turn and take the road less traveled. They need a brand that will travel with them and be durable enough for those more daring adventures and cool enough for those photographical moments. PK Beans is all so this.

About The Founder and CEO Traci Costa

For Founder and CEO it is not just about the clothes but about “play, passion and possibilities. It’s about product with a purpose.” Play may seem to be a relief from serious learning, but as Mr. Rogers said, play is serious learning. So it is important that children’s clothing is created with respect, quality so they can get involved with the community.

PK Beans is not like its competitors who are about fast fashion. They want styles that are going to last and they ethically manufacture. They are also always dedicated to their mantra, for children to have the best clothing to feel independent and play in comfort all day, every day.

Fourteen years goes fast! When Traci Costa was a new Mom, she, like many other parents, found children’s clothing restrictive. It was frustrating and not play friendly at all! PK Beans was born to facilitate fun unstructured play. It’s durable fabrics is designed with a higher threat count which means it last longer, can go through more washes and survive those ever adventurous playdates! The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics guaranteed playwear is incredible but does not have those awful harmful dyes or other toxic chemicals.

PK Beans also makes masks for children! Their delightful nose blankets (it’s more fun to say!) keep your children safe as well as feeling comfortable, all at an affordable price.

Environmentally Friendly Company

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We also trust a company that takes care of the environment. PK Bean’s Pre Loved section allows the sale of pre-loved PK Beans’ clothing. With worn clothing, they reuse it and create scrunchies, wall hangings, hacky sacks and dog toys. The PK Replay brings a sustainability initiative that we can stand behind. They are one of the rare companies that want to leave this world in a better place when we got it. We think this is another testament to how much they care about children and the world that they live in.

They Care About Their Community

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To cut down on consumption, The PK Replay program creates brand new products with unsellable well worn- Beans. They work with Common Thread in Vancouver which is a nonprofit society offering training and employment in sewing and crafting to those who have social and work barriers. It’s time people feel valued because of their skills rather than judged or isolated because of mental health barriers.

Be a Part of the Beanstalk

When your child wears these incredible clothes, they are not only a part of a beautiful company that has incredible programs, but you are a part of a community that cares about children and the world. This is the brand that we feel comfortable putting our precious babies and children in. This brand is made by real people who know what children need, families want and a community benefits from.