Play and Learn Thinking Chair

Now that we are in the Thinking Chair, let’s think! Leap Frog Presents the Play and Learn Thinking Chair from Blue’s Clues and You! Available at Walmart, you can now help Josh figure out Blue’s Clues!

Help Josh Figure Out Blue’s Clues

It is just like the show! Your little one can now help Josh figure out Blue while learning so much. Your little one will love how your child will explore colors, shapes and numbers. There is adorable music that will keep your child entertained for hours. It will also have them engage in pretend play which we love! Parents will love the handy storage located under the seat.

As soon as your child sits down, the chair is activated and responds when your child sits! Your little one will be transported to the Thinking Chair and be able to begin one of their many adventures. Using logic and problem soling your child will discover what Blue wants and be very proud of themselves for it! Build confidence and have fun.

Let’s Open Our Handy Dandy Notebook!

Just like Josh, your child will have a Handy Dandy Notebook with a lot of great questions for your child to answer. Parents will love that their child will be developing problem solving skills. They will see questions and use critical thinking to answer them, which we can see a young child’s speech slowly developing.

What does Blue want? Your child will figure it out looking at the Handy Dandy Notebook. Press the light up buttons to simply hear the clues and explore colors, numbers and so much more. Your child is going to love this!

You’ve Got Mail!

Your little one can open Mailbox for a letter. Who sent them the message? Can they help Blue? Your child will love how the mailbox is attached to the chair and maybe even start writing or drawing letters of their own!

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