My little one’s Christening was on the weekend and we had a lot of people coming. Over 50 guests would spend the afternoon and evening at our house after the church ceremony. We also had immediate family stay with us overnight. The house was packed and we were cooking all of the hor d’oeuvres in between.  As a mother who believes breast feeding is best, I had pumped some milk just in case our house was crawling with guests. When we arrived at the church itself, I had my trusty diaper bag and the Playtex Smart Cool On The Go Bottle Tote.


All ready for the Christening!

The Bottle Tote is compact, so I could enjoy holding my baby while we walked up the aisle of the church instead of lugging extra items. The Bottle tote can also effectively store breast milk, so that was a relief. My little one was chatty through out the ceremony, but I noticed she was getting agitated. I was able to give her a bottle during the ceremony which she drank very quickly, just in time for her actual baptism. Afterwards, we whisked off back to our home, to prepare for the guests that were about to come. On the car ride back, I had stored some blueberries for myself to eat in the Bottle Tote, which was a great treat.

The Bottle Tote also came with a little compact side pocket for extra nipples or a soother. It a nice place to keep her soother when she did not need it. The Bottle Tote can keep things cool for up to 14 hours with its two, compact removable freezer gel packs. It held three bottles which was great for the long day we had ahead!

Once we arrived back home, my little one was surrounded by love and affection. When she was hungry, I was happy to find that my bottles were still cool. I even had a  friend complimented me on my “black tote” which was nice. People thought it was a little accessory! As a mom, we are always carrying so much, so it was nice to have a compact tote that did not take up too much room.


Little did they know how much it was holding!

With a grand total of seven hours of the baptism and reception, I was able to give my little baby the nutrients she needed from breast milk. Breast feeding is important to most moms but sometimes, like myself who was hosting the reception and baptism, it was nice to have some fresh milk ready for the baby. Since the Bottle Tote can keep things cool for a long period of time  Now, I can’t wait to use the Smart Cool On-The-Go Bottle Tote for a nice hike with the family when the weather warms up!