Ploof- This adorable cloud will have your early readers and regular readers interacting with this book! This experience is fun, your children are going to want to sit down and learn how to read. With the adorable cloud character Ploof leading the way, there are so many fun adventures your whole family will love.

Come Fly With Ploof

Ploof is an adorable little cloud with all sorts of abilities. From turning into objects your child will recognize to getting trapped in treetops, this book helps your little one identify and say the words the narrator is encouraging. However, this is not just a book where your children read, this is a book where your children are going to interact with the main character, Ploof!

From helping Ploof out of trees to cheering this cloud on, your children are immersed in friendship, and encouragement all while learning new words. Ben Clanton and Andy Chou Musser have beautiful words and illustrations that your children will want to read this book again and again.

ploof review book

Let’s not forget the interaction. Even your most reluctant of readers will enjoy this book and learn new words, phrases and expressions. Ploof does not make your child feel like they are working to read. It is so fun and interactive it just becomes like play session with a new friend. We recommend this book for toddlers to about six years old. Older children will love to read it to their siblings!

Ploof is the book that will be read again and again by your child and you will enjoy watching your child interact with Ploof.

Extra Credit

Have your child draw Ploof doing a fun action. Bonus points if your child reads it aloud and wants others to interact with their narration! Tundra Books puts out the best books! Lastly, read more of our Tundra Book Reviews.