Poli Bottles

We are in love with Poli bottles for toddlers! We have been looking for a bottle that can do it all: Spill proof, good flow, cute design and of course, BPA and Phthalates Free. We found our answer to what most parents and toddlers want out of a sippy cup: Sippy Cups For Todders by Poli.


The flow of the Sippy Cup was strong enough for our toddler to stay hydrated but not too strong that your child struggles to sip. It’s perfect! with its spill proof patented built in valve. The bottle could withstand a messy toddler, it’s break proof and it is made 100% in the USA.


It’s also adorable to look at. We have the Hey Diddle Diddle 8 ounce Cup  Poli bottle. We love this beautiful classic rhyme that we can sing to our child as they drink up! Your little one can be as little as 8 months old to begin to use this cup. It can handle a lot of throwing, spilling, accidents and constant washings. This is the only cup our toddler will use without hassle!


We also appreciate the cap that tightly seals our sippy cup for future use. It fits nicely in our stroller and in our child’s car seat and its the only bottle we take for day trips and traveling!

We are excited for you to see for yourself.