Say Goodbye to Tears With Polly Pineapple!


Teething is so painful for your little one. A little one can go through so much discomfort. We love Polly Pineapple from gnomgnoms. This tether is amazing but has a bigger purpose.

Polly Pineapple is an all-natural, multi-texture teething toy that will help soothe your child’s gums throughout the teething process. We love how the texture of Polly Pineapple helps your child feel more comfortable and get some relief. Polly Pineapple is bright, adorable and will help your child’s sensory skills. The textures, the color and the feel of Polly Pineapple will not only relieve your child but keep them engaged with this loveable character. But that is not all!

gnomgnoms Gives Back To Hungry Children

For every Polly Pine Apple teether you buy, gnomgnoms will make a donation to a leading, natural hunger non-profit that will feed a hungry American child for an entire week. Yes, that is 21 meals. While your child is being soothed, another child eats for a week.

About gnomgnoms


Gnomgnoms is an incredible company that is family run, family owned business that was established in 2015 with a dual purpose. First, they wanted to create a superior teething product with very unique attributes that parents will love. Secondly, they wanted to take their combined 85 years of parenting experience and over 125 years of professional experience as nurses, entrepreneurs and more to address a rising social problem, childhood hunger. With these two important ideas in mind, this fantastic company was born and has been changing lives ever since.

Buy Polly Pineapple, Give Back

Polly Pineapple is not only a great gift for your little one but an excellent gift for a baby shower, sprinkle or a just because for the adorable little one in your life.

Parents should not only buy a Polly Pineapple for their little one but think of others who may want one too. It is important for us to be aware and take action to end childhood hunger and buying an incredible teething product will be the next step for everyone to be fed. Soothe one child and feed another!