PortoVino Wine Purse Review

For parents on the go, it is hard to pick a product that is going to spoil us. We are always serving others, we forget to treat ourselves! PortoVino is one of those brands that lets you treat yourself, feel fashionable and have a great time! PortoVino spoiled us with a wine purse and we are so excited to tell all of our wine loving parents, that this is the brand for you.


PortoVino Fashion Meets Function

Whether you are going on a picnic, or just enjoying your backyard, PortoVino is there for you. This durable bag carries your wine with ease, keeping it chilled, while you enjoy a gorgeous bag that also stores your other items. Simple use the nozzle to pour and enjoy!

PortoVino Wine Purse Collection has now expanded to the Swankey Beverage Tote Bag. This wine lovers all go to purse brand now allows you to discreetly store and pour up to two bottles on wine! It can also be used for your favorite drink on the go!


If you don’t drink, have your favorite juice or beverage chilled just the way you like it. You also get to be incredibly fashionable and trendy as there is a variety of patterns to choose from.

Whether you are supporting your child at that soccer game or just having a parents only night outside with friends, PortoVino has you covered.

The Swankey Tote

The Swankey Totes are getting everyone excited! It looks like your everyday bag, but with a big secret! We love that this tote has a zippered and insulated compartment for the wine pouch that is included. It has a 3 liter capacity for your wine or other beverage you choose. It also allows room for snacks (crackers and cheese anyone?). It also has a flap for the pour spouts to keep your spout safe and great pockets for your phone, keys or other small objects.

What We Love

portovino inside

The Swankey Tote is a great way for parents to enjoy themselves. This tote is fashionable with many different patterns. The interior is built to keep your beverage cool and stay stylish! You don’t have to put wine, you could use it for juice or your own alcohol free beverage. Whatever the case, your drink will be cool and ready for drinking. We love that this is perfect for kids!

We also love that there are vegan options for PortoVino to choose purses that are environmentally conscious. This brand really cares about the people who are purchasing! We love being fashionable, accessible and prepared for any fun time coming our way! We can’t imagine any brand but PortoVino!



Fashion With A Heart

PortoVino is not only a brand that is fabulous, fashionable and friendly to families, but it also socially conscious. PortoVino has partnered with Feed My Starving Children Organization. This wonderful organization packages and distributes food to those in developing nations. They have reached more than 70 countries in need!






Not only will you now be able to choose whether you want a more formal leather purse or a fun and colorful one with an assortment of different patterns to choose from, but you will also be able to choose by capacity. Portovino allows you to choose between 1 bottle or 2 bottle pouches, and now with the amount of space in the Swankey Tote you’ll have enough wine to provide for all of your friends. Whether you decide to utilize the function of taking your wine on the go or using them as your favorite fashion accessory for everyday use, you will always create a buzz, so pick your poison and be ready to be everyone’s official favorite friend.

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