Being pregnant does not mean that you have to forego the right to be stylish and fashionable. Some have proven that by sporting really cool pregnancy belly button rings. In a funny turn, pregnancy is actually the best opportunity for you to show off that navel ring because well, your stomach is so noticeable. It has indeed become a fad and is starting to turn heads. However, is it safe?

What are Pregnancy Belly Button Rings? Is it Safe?
This types of belly button rings are more flexible than the traditional type of rings because it is able to bend as your belly grows. Some of these rings are made up of bioflex or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). These types of belly button rings are safe provided that it is fully healed before the pregnancy. In addition, this should be well cared for and cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Their most important feature is that they are flexible and they are not made of metal so they will not be an obstruction when you do your regular check-ups with your doctor.

Should You Do It?
There is nothing wrong with getting a pregnancy belly button ring if you already have a pierced navel. However, most doctors will advise you against getting piercing on any part of your body. This is because the usual places for piercings are also those that expand during pregnancy. Case in point is the belly which is actually the most prominent. In addition, a pregnant woman has a weak immune system that can possibly affect the healing process of a piercing. Getting pierced while pregnant can either do good or bad for you, and we’ll never have any sure way of knowing which will be the ultimate result.

How to Use Pregnancy Belly Button Rings?
This type of belly button rings can be introduced in the same way as a regular belly button ring. You need not worry about anything. However, it is recommended that you remove them before your deliver especially when you are going in for a C-section. You can also talk to some professional piercers who can give you a more detailed procedure on how a belly piercing will change for pregnant woman. Each case may be different from one to another and with this kind of sensitive procedure, it is imperative that you exercise utmost diligence and do your research thoroughly.

Where Can I Get Belly Button Rings?
Pregnancy belly button rings can be bought online and even at jewelry stores. Choose a store that has a lot of options since you need to decide which model or design is the right one for you and will pose the least risk, if any. Look for stores specializing in pregnancy belly button rings since they have the expertise on the jewelry and procedure. You can ask them for more advice on what material to get, what type of design to go for, how to take care of the ring once it is in place, and what are the other customer experiences that they can share and from which you can learn from.