Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now it is time to get organized awaiting the arrival of your baby. There are a lot of things to do and to buy and you need a pregnancy checklist. We have broken down this pregnancy checklist down for you into easy digestible components. We will also have a pregnancy checklist PDF so you can print it out if that is easier.

First Trimester Checklist

The first trimester is from conception to the 12th week of pregnancy. This is when the body has prepped for pregnancy. The baby is growing from a zygote. Generally, this is the time when morning sickness is at its worst. While being kind to yourself, here are the the things you can get started on organizing in your first trimester.

Weeks 1-4

This is a tricky month because most women are just finding out that they’re pregnant. From weeks one to week eight, people are realizing that they are pregnant and starting their pregnancy journey. Do not be upset if you find out that you are pregnant after the first month. It is okay to dive right in and begin taking care of yourself like a pregnant person. Here are the things that you can start doing in week 1 through 4 of your pregnancy.

Tell Your Partner

Whether it is your spouse or someone close to you, it is time to tell that person that you have a positive pregnancy test. This is an exciting time to start planning for a baby.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

With your doctor, choose prenatal vitamins that will work best for you during your pregnancy. Doctors often recommend vitamins with folic acid. Remember to take them daily.

Quit Bad Habits

Your babies life can depend on you quitting your habits. By quitting smoking, drinking, marijuana use and more, your baby has a great chance of healthy growth. You are giving your baby the best start.

Start A Healthy Lifestyle

This is not the time to start dieting. However, you can ask yourself how to incorporate healthy and delicious foods into your diet to give you the strength and energy you need through out your pregnancy. This will also give baby the best nutrients during their growth from pregnancy.

Tell Your Doctor

Telling your doctor that you are pregnant and seeing your doctor for once a month examinations is a great way to ensure your health and your babies health. Your doctor is now apart of your health team. Remember to mention any medications that you take and any ailments that you have so doctor can incorporate that into your care plan.

Create Your Health Team

Now that you have your doctor, you can decide if you want to continue with an OBGYN, doula, midwife or more. These are the people who are going to ensure you’re taken care of and the safe delivery of your baby. Together, you will all work to make sure that this pregnancy is as pleasant and safe as possible.

Keep Stress As Low As Possible

Eliminating stress can seem impossible. However, lowering stressors and focusing on yourself is the greatest gift you can give. Think of ways to lower stress. Some ways are to put up boundaries with people who do cause you a lot of stress, meditate regularly and do not take on too much. The focus for the next nine months is to have a healthy pregnancy.

Get Some Snacks

A lot of people experience morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy. Getting some must have snacks can help you out when you are feeling sick. Some great snacks include:


-ginger cookies

-dehydrated fruits


-pumpkin seeds

Remember, some things that you did not like when you were not pregnant you may love now and vice versa.

Weeks 4-8

The second month of your pregnancy can be one of the most intense. Your body is changing. You may or may not notice you have a tiny baby bump and you may be feeling very sick. Here are some things to plan that can make your time go by a little quicker.

How to Announce Your Pregnancy

Generally, people wait until week 12 or the third month of pregnancy to announce to family and friends that they are pregnant. If you want a creative way to announce your pregnancy, this is a great time to plan your way of telling those who are closest to you. Be sure to wait until at least week twelve!

Checking Insurance Policy

Checking your insurance policy is important to understand what in you pregnancy is covered or partially covered by insurance. Ask if your appointments are covered, a OBGYN, doulas and/or midwives. Secondly, check to see if your doctors appointments are covered. Lastly, if you have any extras that can be covered, like massages, acupuncture or others, it will be nice to know how much is covered so you can make a plan.

Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave

See if your work and your partners work offer maternity/paternity leave. How much will you be paid and for how long? In some states, there is no maternity or paternity leave offered while others have a few weeks. In different countries, maternity and paternity leave can be a percentage of your wage up to a certain amount and time off anywhere between one year to two years. Check with your work and get answers so you can start planning.

Researching Your Hospital/ Birth Plan

Researching your hospital is so important! Even if your birth plan is to give birth at home, last minute changes during labor can mean you’re going to the hospital. Learn more online about the hospital near you and what they offer laboring parents. If you need insurance, see if your insurance is compatible with this hospital.

Decide On Your Nursery

Have you chosen which room will be your child’s nursery? Pick which bedroom your child’s nursery will be. Is it big enough to fit a crib, diaper change table and a dresser? If not, don’t worry at all! There are some amazing tips for small nurseries to make it a great space.

Download A Pregnancy App

Find and download a pregnancy app to help track your pregnancy! This is a fun way to understand the day to day changes your baby is going through.

Weeks 9-12 Month Three

Now that you have entered the final weeks of your first trimester, it must feel great to know that you are getting used to being pregnant.


Check out what you need to buy verses what you want to buy. What are the expensive must haves for baby? This can include car seat, stroller and a crib.  There is so much to consider. Friends and family may throw you a baby shower, you may get hand me downs, gifts and more. Even though you cannot predict who will buy you what, you have to consider the dates of a baby shower when you may receive gifts. Our guide to when to buy baby stuff helps families with budgets understand what to buy and when.

Plan a Baby Moon?

For the traveling family, the second trimester is the best time to plan a few days to get away and pamper yourself. A baby moon is when you and your partner go away for a few days and have your last vacation before the baby. This is not a rushed vacation but more of a relaxing time to stress less, relax and get pampered. You can even do a staycation in town if that is easier for you. Ask your doctor if you plan on traveling long distances. You can plan and take your trip in the next three months! Use these last few weeks of your first trimester to plan.

Second Trimester Checklist

Your second trimester is generally the easiest one. Your body is used to being pregnant. You may no longer have morning sickness which can change your life. Lastly, you are able to walk around without feeling too much discomfort. This is a great time to feel great about your pregnancy.

Weeks 13-16 Month Four

You have now entered your second trimester and you are feeling much better (we hope) than your first trimester. Here are some tasks you can jump on to be prepared for those final three months.

Book Specialist Appointments

Go through your MD and book your OBGYN if this is a part of your birth plan. The OBGYN has to be aligned with the hospital you have chosen to give birth in. Alternatively, if you have a midwife, this would be your second or third time seeing them. Get a list of questions ready for your care team that you want answered.

Buy A Body Pillow

You are less than half way through your pregnancy but that does not mean you should not be comfortable! Get yourself a lovely body pillow that you can snuggle with when you sleep. A lot of pregnant people love a body pillow that they can tuck between their legs. This can be a great way to relax.

Begin Prenatal Exercise

If you are not working out already, talk to your doctor about some safe prenatal exercise! Staying fit and taking care of your body can mean a big difference in your pregnancy. Don’t overdo it, this is just to get you stretching and feeling good. If you download any prenatal workout apps, talk to your doctor first before committing to any exercise.

Look At Maternity Clothes

You may not need them yet, or you may feel that your clothes are fitting a little snug. Check out some maternity clothes for later. Do you see some styles that you like? Remember to buy not on just what you like but what season it will be in your final trimester. Remember, the key is comfort so make sure to find something that gives you space, is light weight and comfortable.

Weeks 17-20 Month 5

You are at your best and feeling pregnant, you’re showing and owning your new beautiful body. You’re probably not as tired as you were in your first trimester. This is a relaxing time of pregnancy and you get to do all of the fun stuff.

Ultrasound For Baby

You get to go to have your ultrasound done. This is usually in week 20. You can also find out the gender of your baby if you prefer. Most importantly, you get pictures of your little one. These become life long keepsakes.

Go on Your Babymoon

That trip you planned last month is now put into fruition. Go on your vacation or staycation and enjoy! This trip is designed for you and your partner to relax and enjoy.

Find Out Your Baby Shower Date

Has loved ones expressed they want to throw you a baby shower? You may be hearing about a special baby shower date in your future! These will be the times where you can sit back and relax with those you love and enjoy yourself. This time is about celebrating you and your baby! Have your calendar marked, you may find out when your baby shower is this month.

Have Your Partner Paint The Baby Room

Decide on a theme or a paint color and have your partner paint the baby room. It is not recommended for pregnant people to paint walls during their pregnancy.

Choose Where To Register Your Baby Registry

There are so many ways to start a baby registry. Some major retailers have amazing registries. If you buy something off of the list yourself, you can often times get a discount! Pick a registry places that best suits you and is easiest for others to access. Also, choose a place that has a good return policy as parents often get doubles or triples of what they have asked for.

Weeks 21-24 Month 6

This is your last month of your second trimester and you may be seeing changes in your body. You may be seeing your feet swelling and it may be a little harder to get out of bed in the mornings. No worries, however, because you are more than half way! Your pregnancy appointments come more frequently now.


If you will need childcare at any time in the next year to year and a half to your child’s life, you will want start researching and deciding on a childcare provider as soon as possible. Getting into a daycare provider that you can trust with your child is very important. You can go to scheduled visits. Refer to your budget on how much money you will spend per month and tour the facility if allowed to see if it meets your standards.

Some childcare providers have wait lists so it is important to get started on this as soon as possible.

Choosing The Perfect Bottle

If you choose to formula feed or pump your breast milk, you are in the market for a new bottle! The perfect bottle is important. You want something that does not allow your baby to swallow air while drinking milk. Air bubbles can cause gas and cause your baby to have discomfort. Investing in a good bottle brand will make your babies life a lot easier.

Starting Your Baby Registry

This is a big one! It is time to now start your baby registry. You may know when your baby shower is scheduled and some people may want to give you a baby shower gift to celebrate your little one. Choose the right store that has a registry. We like stores with great return policies so if you get doubles you can return your item. Many stores have at least a 30 day return policy. We would recommend avoiding stores that have a two week or less return policy. We need stores that understand what new parents need.

Secondly, consider a store that all of our friends and family have access too. Bigger stores or stores that have reach nationally are great for those who are out of town who want to get you something that you will really love. Alternatively, online registries are also helpful because a gift can be shipped right to your home. This is so helpful!

Week 25- 28- Month Seven

You are in your final trimester and this is very exciting. You are fifteen to twelve weeks away from holding your little one for the very first time. It is normal to be feeling more tired and winded after walks and your stomach may have “popped.”

Finding Arrangements for Siblings or Pets

If you have other children and pets that will need care during your hospital stay, this is the time to arrange who they will be staying with. Unfortunately, we never know if we will be in the hospital for a short period of time or a long period of time.

Making a List of Frozen Meals

It may feel like you have some more time. Planning some frozen meals is important so at the end you know exactly what to cook. Make a list of frozen meals that you would like to have. At the end of pregnancy, you may feel more tired and after birth you may want to just pop something delicious in the oven. Pick delicious and nutritious meals that are going to give you the energy and the strength to get through your day.

Collecting Coupons For Restaurants

Apps are great, but grab a few coupons to some of your favorite restaurants. Take note of expiry dates. Coupons can be found online, in apps and in local newspapers. You would be surprised what kind of deals you can get by downloading an app, clipping a coupon or showing a coupon on your phone. When using apps on your phone, be sure to understand the privacy agreement. Some apps are in trouble for taking way too much information.

Decorating the Nursery

It is time to decorate the nursery! Though it may feel like there is a lot of time left, you never know how the rest of your pregnancy can go. You may be more tired in the future and you want to be present for the design of the nursery. Having your furniture and decorations ready will just make it feel more real to you and your family.

Weeks 29-32 Month Eight

The big surprise about pregnancy is that you are pregnant more than nine months! Some months may have five weeks while others have four. You are at the final stages of pregnancy, comfortably in the last trimester.

Baby Shower

Around this time is usually a baby shower! You will be celebrating your babies arrival. Enjoy being pampered and seeing your friends and family. Play the baby shower games, snack on delicious food and enjoy the company of your guests. Today is the day you celebrate!

Buy Maternity Clothes

Have you noticed your clothes are getting a little tighter? That is a good sign! Your stomach is growing to accommodate a growing baby and you deserve to feel comfortable. Check out maternity clothes online and in store. Remember to buy within season of your last trimester! Feel comfortable or if you are growing just a little, buy one or two sizes too big. we love the elastic liner for pants to invest in one or two pairs of those so you can wear them after pregnancy and into your post partum body. Stay comfortable and look great.

Return Doubles

After your baby shower is over, you may notice that you have one or two doubles that need to be returned. Two car seats? A couple of the same outfits? Be sure to return your doubles now while your receipts are still valid and you still feel well enough to go out. Buy something else the baby needs or save the money for something else!

Buy What You May Need

The parties are over and now you know what is left to buy! It is time to get anything else that you need. From cribs to onesies, it is a great idea to stock up. Remember that you can get clothes a few months ahead of schedule.

Week 33-40 9th Month

This is your final month of pregnancy. Many people do not realize that they are pregnant for 40-42 weeks! A baby is born usually in or around the 40th week. A baby is at full term on their 37th week. Now that your pregnancy is at an end, here are some last minute things that you can do before your baby is here!

Have Your Hospital Bag Ready

Make sure your hospital bag is packed for things like hospital snacks, an extra pillow and most importantly, the outfit to take your baby home, diapers and baby needs. If you are giving birth from home, have some snacks in the kitchen.


A lot of people report the “nesting stage” gets really strong at this point of pregnancy! Embrace your inner nesting and putter around your place cleaning, organizing, whatever you want to do. Don’t take on any big renovations or tasks. Just enjoy yourself!


Catch up on that book you have been dying to read. It is time to just enjoy yourself and relax and rest. What better way than with a good book?

Pamper Yourself

Take time to go for that massage, rest that extra half an hour and take breaks. You are growing a human being!

Have Hospital Papers/Insurance Papers Packed

Make sure you have any hospital papers, insurance papers, health cards ready and packed in your bag to go to the hospital. Similarly, if you are giving birth at home, make sure you have any papers your midwife may need.

Weeks 40-42 Overdue

You are overdue! It can feel so frustrating as you just want your pregnancy to be over and to hold your baby in your arms. If you are overdue, take care of you! Don’t worry, this baby will be here soon. Make sure you keep your stress levels to a minimum and rest.

Keep in Contact With Your Doctor

Make sure to keep up with your doctor’s calls and appointments. They will be checking your and your babies health. Sometimes, doctors may want to induce. Other times, you are okay to wait it out. Alternatively, you want to be ready for any surprises.

If Possible, Go on Short Walks Everyday

Short walks are great. They keep you out and moving, it is a healthy light exercise and some people claim it can help bring on labor. Skip the long walks for now, you want to be close to home. You are due at anytime now!

Rest Often

Give yourself grace to rest, nap and have long sleeps if you can. If people are offering help, take it! You deserve the rest.

Eat Well

Having well balanced, healthy meals and snacks gives you the energy for labor. Eat often and eat well.

Stay Comfortable

Take that pregnancy pillow wherever you go. Relax with it, watch TV or even sit with it. Stay comfortable. Wear comfortable clothes and take care of yourself. You’re at the end of your pregnancy!

Pregnancy Checklist PDF

Check out our month to month pregnancy checklist pdf. Download this and check off each task to stay on top of everything!

Pregnancy Checklist Month to Month

Pregnancy Checklist

Your Pregnancy has been nine months of to dos. These are the things that you should be looking to accomplish every week of your pregnancy. We wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy and most of all, a safe labor. Congratulations!