Pregnancy Myths Busted!

By: Marie Miguel




When you get pregnant there are many things that you typically do that you suddenly can’t do. People around you will tell you to be extra cautious especially with the food that you eat and your day to day activities. Sometimes, you’ll even hear beliefs and myths that you haven’t heard before!


There are many pregnancy myths that are weird and outrageous. Nevertheless, since it is part of tradition, you can’t help but comply for your baby’s sake. Up to what point you will be willing to follow the plethora of advices? It is up to you. Fortunately, some of the advice you will hear may not necessarily be true. Here are some of them.


Caffeine is Bad for You


Drinking a cup of coffee a day won’t hurt. However, 2 or more glasses can increase your risk of miscarriage. The same goes for caffeinated beverages like soda. If you are craving for coffee, avoid a strong cup rather opt for the decaf!


Eat More for Your Baby


It is highly recommended that you eat a balance meal during pregnancy to avoid weight related complications such as gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension. Eating more doesn’t necessarily mean that you should pig out. Frequent small nutritious meals at least 6-7 times a day will keep your weight and sugar levels at bay.


No Seafood for 9 Months


Don’t worry. You don’t need to say goodbye to your favorite seafood when you are pregnant. According to a study, women that consumed more seafood during their pregnancy produce babies with high IQ and motor skills.  Adding fish and shellfish that are loaded with Omega-3 can improve the brain development of your baby. If you are worried about mercury passing to your child, try to avoid seafood that has high levels of mercury like tilefish and swordfish and stick to salmon, cod, shrimp and catfish.


No Gym time


Although it is true that strenuous workouts can affect your pregnancy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should stay on bed rest unless instructed by your doctor. You can keep an active lifestyle even when you are carrying a baby as long as you perform low-impact workouts. There should be a limitation with the exercises, ask your physician for help when creating a fitness routine that you can safely perform while you are pregnant.


Bye Bye Travel for Expecting Moms


If you are healthy all throughout your pregnancy, there’s no reason not to travel. Most airlines allow women that are 37 weeks pregnant to fly, however, you will be traveling at your own risk hence it is important to know the guidelines for pregnant women when going abroad to prevent problems during your out of the country trip. When on vacation, make sure that you have company and always ask your doctor if they are using an electronic health record as it can serve as direct line to contact your physician anytime anywhere.