Pregnancy With PCOS – Trying To conceive

It has always been a belief of mine that a Mother becomes a Mother the moment she and her partner begin family planning. How so? A Mother starts worrying about her Mom, will she be good enough, what she needs to do but most of all, and she goes through journeys and hardships because she loves that baby.  Pregnancy with PCOS Trying to Conceive. Is it even possible?

It is possible for many women with PCOS. PCOS is unique to each person who has it and so everyone’s way to trying to conceive will be slightly different. For some women, even these tips will not work and for others, it will. Many women with PCOS have multiple children, even if they are starting to family plan in their mid-thirties. You have to give it your best shot. Here is how you can start trying to conceive.

Start Taking Folic Acid

Talk to your doctor about taking folic acid. Many Mothers to be with and without PCOS start taking this a few months before they start trying and it can enhance your chances of pregnancy and keep your embryo healthy as it grows into a fetus. Give your baby the best start possible. Speak to your doctor about taking folic acid three months before you are trying to have a baby.

Say Good-bye to caffeine

Caffeine, particularly coffee can be the fuel to start anyone’s day. However, cutting it out can really help your chances of becoming pregnant. If you need that extra boost in the morning, we recommend a green shake. Though at first not as enjoyable as coffee, you are just nourishing your body. The fruit and vegetables natural sugars will wake you up and help you start your day. If you have a daily morning workout routine this will be a great aid in your health. Say good-bye to milk chocolates too. You can do it! These sacrifices can make a big difference.

Get a Planner to Keep Track of EVERYTHING

Getting a PCOS planner to keep up to date with your appointments, vitamins, medications and more will help you stay organized and be able to keep track of everything that is going on. This will also help you keep track of your fertility. Remember, it’s not to be used to become obsessive about, it’s here to keep you informed.

Start Meditating

You need to invest in yourself. You have a lot on your plate and everyone probably has an opinion. Give yourself time to meditate and push out all of the negative energy. Giving yourself even five minutes a day gives yourself permission to relax, even if it is just for a little amount of time. To conceive for a baby, you have to invest in yourself!

Find a quiet space in your house. Put on some light music that causes you to relax. If you have an active lifestyle, take a walk to a forest, a lake or a calming place. This can be tailored to you. Deep breaths in and out for one minute before your focus on nothing. If your mind is racing, think positive vibes only. This is all about you relaxing and calming your body.

A lot of people like to meditate in the morning. It gives them a great start to their day. Others like to meditate at night, because their mind calms down letting them go to sleep quickly and easily.

Ideally, if you can meditate at both of these times that would be best. If you do not have a lot of time, take 5 minutes either early in the morning or at night. Even during your lunch break at work, 5 minutes a day everyday can make a huge difference in your life. As we say to all of our readers, make an investment, no matter how small, into yourself!

See a Doctor

You will need a plan with your doctor and specialist that you have begun family planning. Get their advice and tips to see what they have to say. They may have top advice pertained to you as an individual that is going to help.

Have your partner get tested for Fertility

Just because you have PCOS doesn’t mean that the reason you have not had a child yet relies solely on you. Some women with PCOS are surprised to learn that their partners also have fertility challenges. It is good to know what you have to work with, so making sure your partner does not have any challenges is important.

Keep Track of your Ovulation Cycle

Just like many Moms without PCOS, you should keep track of your ovulation cycle. Charting your ovulation will help you have an idea of approximately how many times you are fertile and when to plan to have intercourse to try for a baby.

Stay Healthy

Depending on your condition, talk to your doctor about healthy choices. If you find it hard to work out but possible to take walks, do it! If you can handle a work out regime, create one with a doctor. If the pain is too much, try simple stretches or Tai chi. sometimes, the pain can be too great. Try to make healthy eating choices. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. When sleep is a challenge, give your body time to rest. This is all about giving yourself the healthiest lifestyle based on what you can physically do. Always speak to your doctor before you make a life style change.


Pregnancy With PCOS – Trying To conceive

PCOS is tricky as each person who has it has a different journey, a different story and different pain levels at any time. We are giving some top tips based on your abilities. You can modify these ideas based on what is possible for you. Ultimately, this is your journey towards having a baby and you are in the driver’s seat to make top decisions for your health. Good luck, you are one strong person!