Priority Mom A 90 Day Planner – As Moms we want to stay organized and on top of our daily tasks. We want space for intention, gratitude which all leads to our overall wellness. When we are organized and on top of it all, our families can inherit that energy and we are all better when Mom is feeling good. We are in love with The Priority Mom Planner from Gillian Behnke! Discover all this Planner has to offer.

What’s Inside

The Priority Mom Planner was created by Gillian Behnke, the founder of Mom Camp.  Mom Camp is a wonderful weekend retreat in British Columbia, Canada to help Moms connect with themselves. Gillian understands what Moms needs are and some of the pressures that they experience day to day. We are so happy that The Priority Mom Planner is here for Moms to keep organize and prioritize their daily tasks.

This book is beautiful. It has an elegant hard cover. It can fit in your purse so you can take it with you or keep it by your beside. This planner was put together with two goals in mind. Firstly, it helps you prioritize your time. Secondly, it makes sure that You are on your priority list. Let’s face it, we often times write ourselves out of our own scheduling.

This book has useful tips and helps you set easy, attainable goals which include your health goals and task lists. The book gently guides you to think about yourself, while planning the tasks and goals of your family.

The Planner – Your Friend

It is a 90 day planner that we love. It reminds us to drink water everyday. You can fill out your feelings, accomplishments, what you need to do morning, afternoon and evening. Learn what your dinner plan is. Be sure to record all of your gratitudes and wins!

If you are on an exercise journey, you can record what you did to stay fit that day. Be sure to include what you did for your own self-care.

Luist your top three tasks for the day. This is so great to help take big tasks and break them down into easy, digestable steps.

At the end of the book, there is a space to write down thoughts, feelings, achievements or break down of your goals.

Mental Health and This Book

Gillian understands that a lot of Moms are completely overwhelmed and exhausted. However, she firmly believes that motherhood does not have to equal exhaustion. These simple and important tools give mothers permission to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally. These are powerful tools to stay on track, get on track or just feel supported.

This book is perfect for the next 90 days. Similarly, it fits easily into your purse. You can take it with you to work or keep it in your car. Have it by your bedside. This is a great tool to help you day to day.

Priority Mom A 90 Day Planner

The Priority Mom planner will help you prioritize your to-dos, your goals. It is fun, positive and keeps you on track. It can be your best friend at times and make you realize that those impossible goals to reach, when broken down into easy daily tasks, can be chipped away. You can also keep on top of your day to day tasks. Most importantly, this planner keeps you as a priority, as you are IMPORTANT. Be sure to pick your Priority Mom Planner today.

The Priority Mom Planner encourages moms to prioritize their most important to-dos, daily, weekly and monthly in a realistic, fun and encouraging way.