Professor Goose Debunks – The Three Little Pigs is a classic story that families everywhere have been telling their children for generations! However, Professor Goose is not so sure. It is time to debunk this classic fairy tale once and for all! From the author of Franlkin the Turtle, Author Paulette Bourgeois shares this wonderful twist of a tale.

What’s It About

It’s no secret that everyone loves The three Little Pigs but Professor Goose is here to break down the story, page by page! This lovely book retells the story of The Three Little Pigs. With interesting fact checks on every page, your children will learn and laugh through out this entire book. The nifty facts are easy to digest for kids but also are great conversation starters. Even the most reluctant of readers will enjoy each and every one of these facts.

three little pigs book

The illustrations fro Alex G. Griffiths compliment the writing so well. Children will love each character.

From re-learning a classic to the nifty facts about the book and its story, everyone is going to love what Professor Goose debunks!

Extra Credit

Have your child draw a scene from The Three Little Pigs. Do they have some interesting nifty facts for their audience? Look and discuss what scene they chose and what made this their choice. Which scene did they like best and why did they like it? Does your child have a favorite pig or a favorite house? See if your child would have built their own house differently.

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