Your child will not put this book down! Isn’t that a parent’s dream? Project Droid will inspire your young reader into chapter books.


Meet Logan Applebaum, who has wanted another kid around the house! His amazing inventor Mom comes up with a great idea and builds him a robot cousin. Logan cannot believe his luck! Until he finds out that it is very difficult to keep the android’s identity under wraps. Java is really smart but he just does not understand anything.

With the science fair coming up Logan is determined to have his robotic cousin help him win! Could he come in first place? It’s a possibility but not without some harsh competition from those dreaded Silverspoon twins.

For the child who is transitioning from picture books to chapter books, this is an excellent series to introduce your child to adventure, mystery and conflict resolution. It’s a great read that will keep your children turning each page and keep their imagination on edge.

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