Pull Start Fire – Everyone loves to gather around for a fire. The smell, the relaxation and watching the flames can be a family past time. Whether this is at your cottage or outside in a safe setting, fires can bond families together. However, for parents, safety is a number one issue. They want a fire starter that is safe and easy to use. That is why we love this fire starter. Let’s dive into how your safe fire starter is always Pull Start Fire.

Pull Start Fire- Fast, Simple and Safe

The Pull Start Fire is important for many reasons. Firstly it is safe. You don’t have to get close to the starter in order to start it. This simple and yet powerful starter is great for your next family fire. This means the kids are always at a safe distance and parents can start will start the fire with ease.

It is also a bit of a show. Kids will be amazed with the slight smoke and then the beautiful burning fire and parents will be impressed how quick it is. Yes, very quick. It only takes 5 seconds to star the fire! Forget the days you lean anxiously over to start a fire. You can sit back and relax.

This is not only great for bonfires or a fire in your backyard. Consider this when you are camping in the backwoods or you and your family are getting a bug out bag together.

It’s Compact

This fire starter is compact. So much so it works great to take to your cottage, camping or if you want to bug out deep in the forest. You don’t have to worry about matches or any other materials. This is just too easy.

The Reviews

We are singing the praises of this amazing product because it is safe, easy and fun. Fires last as long as any other fire (we think even more in our experience). It’s no secret that on Amazon alone there are over 500 great reviews.

Other than Amazon, Canadians can find Pull Start Fire at Canadian Tire.

Here are Some Fun Facts About Pull Start Fire That You Are Going To Love

This fire is so easy for families. Not only does it take five seconds to start a fire, but you need no matches, lighters or kindling to start one! Want to start a fire in the rain or the wind? This is both rainproof and wind proof. Not to mention, it can light wet wood. You can also cook safely over this fire!

How To Start Pull Start Fire

This is the easy part! This five second starter will make you never start your fires the old way again! Add wood to your fireplace, fire pit or fire. Pill the string and the flames will begin, all in five seconds or less! The fire burns for 30 minutes. Cook or just enjoy the beautiful flames. Each pack of Pull Start Fire comes with three individual bricks. It retails for $19.99 for a three pack. It is available at Dick Sporting Goods, Camping World, Canadian Tire and more!

For a fire that brings the heat and not the stress, get Pull Start Fire today!