Quench Your Thirst With The Drink Master Chrome Classic By Hamilton Beach!

With summer in the air, nothing quenches our thirst more than our delicious Drink Master Chrome Classic by Hamilton Beach!

Ever since I was young, I LOVED a thick shake. Malts, milkshakes can make my day and is a delicious treat. Now that I am a Mom, nothing says “hello” to summer than a delicious drink by the poolside. But today milkshakes can cost big bucks and people don’t make them like they used to!

Now, thanks to Hamilton Beach, the DrinkMaster Chrome Classic allows you and your family to enjoy thick shakes and soda fountain drinks at home!

This sleep chrome design looks gorgeous in our kitchen and is a staple piece when guests arrive. We recently threw a 1950s party and our Drinkmaster was put hard at work, making soda fountain drinks and thick milkshakes (I had a chocolate and the kids loved their strawberry malts!)

 Hamilton Beach is Our Trusted Brand

There are many reasons why we love Hamilton Beach. Let’s talk about your busy kitchen. There is only so much room for small appliances, but Hamilton Beach makes sure that the DrinkMaster is something that will be a conversation piece in any kitchen. Its sleek chrome design works beautifully with any kitchen décor and it will be the show stopping piece that gets your guests excited that you will make them the best milkshake they have ever had.

The DrinkMaster also can make omelettes, sauces as well as soda fountain drinks and thick, delicious shakes.

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We make our Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster work hard with all of our recipes and we know that it is built to last. This summer, our poor DrinkMaster will be on overtime as we lounge by the poolside, but we are not worried!

Themed Parties around the Hamilton Beach Master

Our 1950s party that we are throwing by our pool is going to be a hit with our Drinkmaster. We plan on getting the most delicious recipes from a pop shop you would have found in 1950s USA and having a party with our friends. The kids are going to LOVE those thick delicious milk shakes and we are going to also make some delicious sauces for our guests. This machine can do so much!

Whether you need the Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster for a party, a staple in your kitchen or just to have day to day, you will be blown away with its quality, sleek design and most of all, the delicious shakes and sodas it creates!

Enjoy the Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster with the whole family.