Rainbow Rangers The Quest For The Confetti Crystal

Our favorite Prismacorn Floof has a very important mission. It is the one hundredth mission of Bonnie Blueberry and now Floof has this fun extra special mission of his own. He must guard the confetti Crystal while cupcakes are being made. Seems easy enough, right? We anxiously wait what happens in Rainbow Rangers The Quest for The Confetti Crystal.

Floof Gets Distracted

This Prismacorn decides the room needs more decorations. After getting momentarily distracted, the Confetti Crystal rolls away! When he catches up to it, he encounters Dragon Fleece! Moment by moment, Floof thinks quickly to solve one problem and another one develops! What is a prismacorn to do?  Will Floof be able to find the Confetti Crystal before the big celebration? Or will he have to go back to the group and admit that he has lost the Confetti Crystal to adorable little creatures?

Problem Solving Skills

Floof introduces problem solving skills to the young reader. Even though Floof encounters one problem after another, he uses critical thinking and creative thinking to execute the perfect plan to get the Confetti Crystal back. Many of these problem solving measures involve more than two steps. this helps a young mind learn how to solve problems in succession, one after another, even if they are not directly related to one another.

It also helps children take more than one instruction at a time. This is an excellent skill for preschoolers that should be acknowledged through out the book. It’s no secret that author Summer Greene is thinking of a great story, loveable characters and important life lessons and skills.

Illustrators Joshua Heinsz and Maxime Lebrun know how to make eye popping illustrations that make your children fall in love with the characters even more.

For the unicorn lover in your house, Macmillan creates another amazing adventure with Rainbow Rangers The Quest For The Confetti Crystal.


Have your child put Floof in a difficult situation to get the Confetti Crystal and have a two step or more solution. Who does he encounter? What are they doing to stop Flood from getting this crystal? What steps does Floof use to get the Crystal back?

Have your child talk about when they had a problem and had to solve it with a two step solution. What was the problem and how did they come up with a solution? You will be surprised at their answers.

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