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As a mom or dad, we are always concern with our families health and we always try our very best to keep everyone healthy.

This is why I was so excited to be introduced to the Toothbrush Shield by IntelliDent. In all honesty it only came to my realization that we didn’t protect our toothbrushes that we use daily from all the germs that can be found in the bathroom. I also didn’t know why I never thought of protecting our toothbrushes before but I am thrilled to know that there is a product that is available to shield the germs away.

The IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields comes in a package of 10 and each one is disposable and effective up to seven days. It is extremely easy to use and keeps the germs away. The shields also work great for every toothbrush, including for the little ones. So this is a great family friendly product!


IntelliDent is a unique product as its breathable, quick-drying fabric wicks moisture away from the bristles (or dental device) acting like a surgical mask. Compared to traditional methods for covering toothbrushes and dental devices, IntelliDent provides “Protection by Prevention.”

IntelliDent products are patented and proven. They are 99.9% effective barrier and they are laboratory tested! Benefits are that they are convenient and it’s an affordable solution. It prevents bacteria from growing or landing on your brush.


So how was this product idea born? Well, I had a chance to ask IntelliDent themselves.

After Susan’s (President of IntelliDent) husband passed away, she was faced with raising and supporting her two children on her own. She put her past business and professional acumen back to work and spent endless hours of trial and error developing a product, but it would be an important question posed by her father on a family visit that would change her life forever, “Don’t you just hate when you don’t know what to do with your toothbrush when you travel?” That was the moment it all came together that the traditional methods of caring for your toothbrush were not acceptable….Working with similar material for an unrelated product, her father’s question would be the basis of her inventing the patented IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield™.

What an empowering story of a woman who changed her life to help other families stay healthy! This story just made me love this product even more!

So why purchase the Toothbrush Shield? Reason is simple! It is a pro-active measure to keep yourself and your entire family healthy.


Did you know that your toothbrush is a lightning rod for germs, so using a toothbrush shield just makes sense!

This product can be purchased in select Walmart stores and in all Rite Aid Stores in the USA. Currently this product is not available in retail in other countries but it is available online at the following: Drugstore.com; Walmart.com; Walgreens.com.

Feel free to follow them on social media as well:

Twitter: @IntelliDent1
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We have been loving the toothbrush shields and each one of us has it on their toothbrushes. It is so refreshing to know that when I remove the shield from our toothbrushes, it is germ free!

IntelliDent states, Simple Solution For Raising The Bar on Family Health!!” I couldn’t agree more!

We give it 5 smiles out of 5!

Until next time….Happy Parenting!

–      Momma Braga
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