Ray Book – Tundra Books has another hit, if you loved Petra then you are going to love Marianna Coppo’s “Ray.”

Ray is a delightful little lightbulb that lives in darkness. He is the light at the end of a hall in a closet. It can be boring to say the least, and Ray often sleeps into a dreamless sleep. Everything is always the same. Except everything changes one day!

Moving Day

Ray is taken for the ride of his life when it he replaced into a portable lantern. After all of the excitement he wakes up in large closet with so many amazing things. Life changes completely when Ray is not the biggest thing in the room. However, when Ray wakes up, he discovers something that will change his life.

This Book Is Special

From the exceptional writing of Marianna Coppo, to the beautiful illustrations, Ray will captivate you with its beautiful story line and moral.

Something Extra

The Book Cover is extra special. Ray the light bulb glows in the dark! Such a special surprise for your little one.


Have your children go into a closet. What do they see? What kind of stories can they create with the products that are in the closet? Let their imaginations soar! Give a story line to smaller children and have them finish it!

Let this book be the ray of light that your children need! This book will not only stick in their minds and hearts but also develop their imagination and make them see everyday life in a new light.

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