Do you have a child who is showing an interest in tractors or planting? So many children are interested in heavy machinery and the process in which plants grow. Planters and Cultivators is a fun way for children to learn more about farming and the agricultural industry, thanks to Author Holly Dufek and her characters, Casey and friends.

planters and cultivators

In this book, your child is transported to Happy Skies Farm to work on the years crops! Learn how seeds are planted on huge farms and learn more about the specialized equipment that is used to cultivate, plant and spray crops. Illustrator Paul E. Nunn ensures colourful/colorful pictures to engage your child even further in the cultivating process.

It’s time to learn about the science behind soil! This book is great for both children living in the city or the country! As a parent, you will learn a lot too. This book is guaranteed to teach your children about farms and how they work and perhaps you can plan a visit or a drive to a farm close to you!

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