Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook

Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook – It’s not your regular smartphone! Your little one has their very own smartphone and has a lot of really fun apps to explore on Josh’s handy dandy notebook.Choose from the many apps to play with the lovable Blue and all of her friends.

Try the Many Apps

The Counting Game

Have your child learn to count with ease with this fun and adorable counting game! Your toddler will simply have to touch the buttons and count along. It is very simple and your little one will start to recognize each number verbally. Your child will learn memorization and early math skills.

Smartphone Smart Play

A fun search and find game for your little ones! Your child will learn to identify colors which can really jump start their speech and expression. They will also learn about healthy habits by playing Smartphone Smart Play.

Move With Magenta

Everyone loves the adorable Magenta and now your child can move and exercise safely with Magenta. Learn how to move and grove in playful ways. Your child will get a great workout and learn some great mobility skills and enjoy fitness.

The Skills Your Child Will Learn

Your child will learn listening skills, taking instruction, counting, different colors and shapes and enjoy and thrive in imaginative play!

It’s Blue Calling!

Have your child play with Blue and Magenta and enjoy this wonderful handy dandy notebook. Available at Walmart.

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