What is going on in your child’s mind? Reflective Parenting Authors Alistar Cooper and Sheila Redfern answer your questions in this beautifully written book.

Reflective PArenting

Your relationship with your child is the first relationship that they have and you want to make sure that your relationship has a positive impact on your child. This book has everyday examples so you can be more reflective in relationships with your toddlers to teens.

You will learn from everyday interactions how to help your child reach their potential cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally. Reflective Parenting will help you understand the mind of your child and how to approach situations that you will most likely encounter during your parenting years.

Our favorite chapter was helping sensitive children work through misunderstandings. We believe that sensitive children are often misunderstood as children who are not understanding concepts, yet these children are bright, observant and deserve just as much attention as a more outgoing child. We were pleased to see that Reflective Parenting give scenarios and goes into detail with this chapter.

Don’t survive your relationship with your child, thrive in your relationship with your child! Get the guidance you need by purchasing Reflective Parenting today.