Your little one is getting a little old for bottles or has gone off breast milk and its time you want to teach them to use a cup. However, you can only imagine the spills and accidents that come with mastering a real cup. the makers of Relo have an answer: The Reflo Smart Cup!


The Reflo Smart Cup makes the whole open cup training experience both safer and easier (and definitely saves clothes and floors!) This splash proof little cup allows your child to have a big kid cup like their older siblings or parents. Fill up the cup and then place the Reflo Smart Cup guard on. It’s easy to place in the cup and stays on!


This cup is BPS and Phthalate free and has no moving parts to trap dirt. It also is dishwasher safe. You can use the Reflo Cup with pulp free beverages and it holds up to 6 ounces.

What we love best about the Reflo Cup is the pride and independence your young tot gets from drinking out of a “big kid” cup. Our one and half year old giggled and keeps carrying their little cup around. Most importantly, our little one can drink out of the cup with great ease and we know we have just reached the next stage of drinking beverages; accident free!


We suggest you order more then one Reflo Cup so you don’t have to wait for the dishwasher cycle for your child to use it again. Order today and let your child gain some independence and you avoid the mess!