Reiko Meaning

Reiko meaning- Reiko is a beautiful girl’s name and is one of the most popular names in Japan. With a long rich history, an interesting rise in popularity and so much more, Reiko is a beloved name for many families. We will dive into what Reiko means, its origins, middle names, nicknames and possible famous and notable people named Reiko.

Reiko Origin and Meaning

The name Reiko originates from Japan. Meaning a beautiful child, many families choose Reiko for its lovely meaning. This little girl’s name took a serious dip in 2019 and is now rebounding back after this sudden, one year dip. Now, Reiko is bouncing back and ready to be a popular girl’s name once more. Currently in the top 15000 names, Reiko took an amazing one year dip in 2020 to the top 29000 names and rebounded back a year later. Will it continue to be a top Japanese name? We think so!

Nicknames For Reiko

There are many great names for Reiko that families will love. Similarly, families love nicknames that are short forms of the original name or names that are reflections of your little one’s personality. We have some great plays on the name Reiko that would make perfect nicknames for your baby.

Keko- A cute and easy two syllable name for your little one.

ReRe- A fun and easy to say nickname for your little one.

Reik- A quick and quirky way to say Reiko.

Koko- A fun and cute nickname.

Iko- A smart and sassy nickname.

Eik- A fun and quick nickname for your little girl.

Ro- a cute nickname that no one will ever forget.

Rey- A great short form for Reiko.

We love these nicknames for Reiko! There are so many great ways to choose a nickname for a little girl but these are some that will work perfectly.


Famous People With the Name Reiko

Since Reiko is such a beautiful name, there will be famous people and notable people with that name. Using famous and notable people as a nickname for your child also works if they do good things around the world or are exceptional scientists, athletes, singers and more. Here are some famous and notable people with the name Reiko.

Reiko Aylesworth

This American actress is a fan favorite for her ongoing work in television, movies and theater. This nickname is perfect for the child who is the triple threat and loves everything singing, acting and creative expression.

Reiko Douglas

This Reiko is a famous opera singer. This is a perfect nickname for a child who loves to sing or who loves theater and the arts.

Reiko Ike

Famous for her acting in Japan, Reiko was famous for her pink films before she released an album. This nickname is perfect for the child who loves to act, sing and enjoys creativity.

Reiko Omori

This Reiko is a woman of many talents. She is a voice over actress and then continued her career as a JPOP idol. She is extremely creative and this would make a perfect nickname for a child who loves the creative arts.

Reiko Aonuma

This Reiko is a famous woman’s basketball player. This particular Reiko would be a great nickname for the child who is determined, into physical fitness and/or playing sports.

Reiko Chiba

This JPOP idol makes a perfect nickname for your child. If your little Reiko loves to be the center of attention, preforming, singing and entertaining, this nickname is perfect for your creative little girl.

These are just some of the many famous and notable people named Reiko that have made a difference in this world. Who knows, your Reiko may be the next famous or notable person!

Middle Names For Reiko

With such a beautiful first name like Reiko, families would want to have an equally beautiful middle name. In addition to Reiko meaning a beautiful child, some families would want a middle name that compliments the meaning of a first name.

How to Choose A Middle Name For Reiko

Middle names are precious to families. Some people name their child after a loved family member or friend. This works very well because it honors the family member or friend. Similarly, it creates a bond between the family member or friend and your child. Choose wisely! Pick someone who has been in your life for a long time. This person should be loving, caring and inspiring for your child. This choice is for life!

For others who are looking for a great middle name, more and more families are going with names that compliment the meaning of the first name. In addition to a family who loves being in nature, they may choose a middle name that has a nature meaning. For those families who are looking for a middle name that compliments Reiko very well, here are some great ideas that sound great and compliment Reiko.

Aika– This name means a love song.

Sakura– Cherry Blossoms

Yuri– This name means a lily.

Akako– We love that this name is a color name. Colors bring up emotions and feelings for people. This name means “red.”

Suki– A beautiful name meaning beloved.

Nami– A water name that means wave.

Sato– A name that is very sweet. This beautiful girl’s name means “sugar.”

Here are some great examples of middle names that you will love for Reiko. Still needing inspiration? Here are some great baby girl combination names that will inspire you to find that perfect baby name.

Reiko Name Meanings

Reiko is a beautiful girl’s name. From its Japanese origin to a great meaning, it is no secret why it is loved by so many families.

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