Rightsound Voiceworks- Bible Stories With The Talented Greg Wright

Greg and His Poetic Voice


If you asked us, Greg Wright is a poet. He may not write rhymes but his voice is set to inspire. You memorize his words, he reads like poetry. When Greg, owner of Rightsound Voiceworks decided to record Bible Stories, we were intrigued.


His Verbatim Vinyl Cds surprised us. This was a main mode of audio listening. Parents can explain to their children the sound quality of vinyl and what this meant to the world at the time where music was given to the individual for the first time to listen to when they want! This listening experience is a family experience and it is meant to keep an open conversation between family members.



Listen to his crystal clear voice as he explains the birth of Jesus. Greg’s voice is not only strong and powerful, but it will captivate your whole family. You will be enraptured with the stories that you have heard throughout your whole life, but most importantly your child will get to hear them for the first time through the guidance of Greg’s voice.


Music, the Good Word and So Much More

Learn about the birth of Jesus and follow Jesus as Greg narrates his life as told from the Bible. The final set of stories will be all of Jesus’ miracles. Plus as an added bonus you will find many sing-a long songs that will have your whole family singing.


There is also some surprises! Greg has added some wonderful additions during the story of Jesus where he has added a couple of songs that give it a new twist. This really takes the reader into Joseph and Mary’s journey in raising Jesus.


Another treat is Indigenous American culture and their wise and thoughtful story telling. Learn more about Bear Butte and what Indigenous Americans considered the center of the universe. This sacred land is captivating!


Greg’s Bible Stories- Not Only for Christmas


Use Greg’s CDs for not only celebrating Christmas but also for bible reflection! The Story of Jesus’ birth was a beautiful story, but his journey as a young boy is a captivating and reflective time for both the young and seasoned listeners.


Personal Reflection and Reflection for Your Family


Which of Greg’s songs inspired you the most? Did you notice how the songs are strategically chosen for these CDS? Ask your children what is their favorite Bible Story about Jesus. Why are they inspired by those particular verses? A great family discussion can come from these CDS.


Whether these Bible Stories become a Christmas tradition in your home or you will use them for reflection and study with a Bible group or within your family, Contact Rightsound Voice works today for your own CD! Also contact Greg for custom music mixes, sound track and voice overs, audio sweetening for music/demos and old recordings restored!