Each week for the next three weeks, we are encouraging families to enjoy games outside and promote activity, fun and playing in the outdoors. Rollors is the perfect game for families of all ages to participate in some out door fun!


Rollors is a game that combines the fun of bocce, bowling and horseshoes all in one! You can play on the grass or on the sand. Try not to play on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Enjoy your grassy backyard or the sandy beach!

We love this game because it is perfect for all family events, from birthdays to camping to hanging out in your backyard! Rollors is guaranteed to bring on the fun and laughs with you and your children.


Players roll disks at the goal and points are awarded to the person or team who positions their disks closest to the goal.

We also love that Rollors took the time to think about packaging. It comes in a great carrying case that is easy to pack and put in your car. Don’t worry about those bulky games that crowd your vehicle, Rollors is compact!

Finally, it was created by Air Force Officer Matt Butler who while serving in Afghanistan, reflected on his family and the fun times they have had playing lawn games. Now, he has created a game that is fun, child friendly and guaranteed to have hours of great times with family and friends.


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