When you have two little ones, sometimes a little space is integral for the children to get a great sleep or a break. That’s why we love the Romp and Roost, the divided nest for play and rest!

Dividers Help Play

When the divider is out, it is a large play pen for one to two children to play either independently or together. Interaction between friends and siblings means so much fun and play. One child could sleep comfortably and soundly with plenty of rest, but when the unique patented divder is in, it has the ability to sleep two infants or toddlers. What a great thing for both at home or when you are traveling!

We love that it is not only easy to assemble and has room to grow with your family. It’s modern and stylish design keeps you looking trendy and contemporary. The divider is easy to remove and is extremely versatile for your families needs.

When Rachel Urso from Celebrity Baby Trends introduced us to the Romp and Roost, we were so excited to feature this as one of our top products that parents must have in 2018!


The Romp and Roost also keeps your child safe. Created by a Mom who understood the need for an inquisitive babies safety, the Romp and Roost is our trusted way for a baby to play.

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Romp & Roost Oversized Play Yard with Removable Divider – Chevron